The Key Man Finally Receives World Premiere at SXSW

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If you’ve been a Hugo fan for several years, you might remember that Hugo shot a film called The Key Man in 2006, in the Winston-Salem, NC area. Some still photos and press releases about the film were released (along with some unauthorised footage from the cast’s wrap party) but the film then mysteriously disappeared.

It’s finally going to get its world premiere at the SXSW (South by Southwest) Festival in Austin, TX next month. This greatly reassures me about the film’s quality and potential wide release… that’s none too shabby a venue.  😀 The Key Man will screen in the festival’s Emerging Visions selection of films, which highlights “innovation and creativity from new and emerging feature filmmakers, showcasing raw talent in documentary and narratives of varying premiere status.”

The film’s page on the SXSW site doesn’t yet list a screening date; the film portion of SXSW runs March 11-19. The Key Man costars Jack Davenport, Brian Cox and Judy Greer. The plot:  “Bobby Scheinman (Davenport) is an insurance salesman struggling to provide for his family. Enter Vincent (Weaving) and Irving (Cox), two con men who convince Bobby to join them for a simple moneymaking scheme that quickly spirals out of control.” It’s frequently described as a black comedy set in Massachusetts in the 1970s.

The film is Hugo’s first American independent film, and despite the delays still sounds promising. Certainly, at the very least, this premiere means there will be a DVD. Maybe some of you in the Austin area will be able to see it too… if so, do let us know! 😉

Hugo goofs off on The Key Man set, 2006, with costar Jack Davenport (third from left) and two crew members

More info: News In Film, Moving Pictures Network.

UPDATE on Uncle Vanya: The print edition of the Sunday Age included another interview with Richard Roxburgh; most of the content was similar to the Sydney Morning Herald interview from last week, focusing on Roxburgh’s new film Sanctum. But this time, they hinted Stc’s Uncle Vanya “will tour the US this year.”   No further details, but this definitely adds to the level of intrigue. 😉


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