Hugo Narrates Mr McGee Trailer, Bees and Oranges Updates

Note: This is an archived entry that’s several years old. While I have ensured that all photos are restored, some links may no longer work. If you encounter any dead links, let me know and I’ll try to find a copy of the material. Some entries may not be up to my current standards as far as photo source and other credits are concerned; if you are a photographer or writer of a piece that lacks appropriate acknowledgement, please let me know and I’ll be happy to add source info.

Seems Hugo’s signed on for yet another voice gig… I don’t know much about this project yet so I’ll transcribe the YouTube info as written.

This video is a test animation of the adaptation of Pamela Allen’s Mr McGee developed by Australian TV producers Blink Freehand and JDR Screen.

The purpose of this test is to give audiences a taster of the full TV series of Mr McGee. The animation was created by Blue Rocket Productions in Tasmania, the narration was done by Hugo Weaving and the music was composed by David Chapman of Zig Zag Lane.”

No word yet on whether Hugo would be involved in the fullscale proposed childrens’ series.

I found a little more info on Blink Freehand‘s website:

Blink Freehand is delighted to announce that Hugo Weaving has just completed recording the narration on the test animation for The Adventures of Mr McGee. The animation was created by the extremely clever folk at Blue Rocket productions in Tasmania and the score was done by David Chapman of Zig Zag Lane who set a sweet and charming theme for the animators to set the pace and tone.  Hugo’s voice has added the icing to the cake for this very exciting new animation series that is now ready for market in Australia and internationally.”

Also, you may have heard there was a devastating earthquake in Christchurch, NZ yesterday afternoon… it’s hard to discuss anything going on in that part of the world without acknowledging this tragedy, and offering our compassion and best wishes to the people affected. More info here and here.

UPDATE: I notice the Mr McGee video has now been private-locked. Seems some people wanted to brag about their celebrity connections prematurely. 😉 I’m frankly tired of being jerked around this way and wish artists/publicity departments would educate themselves on how YouTube works if they want to share proprietary information securely. That way they wouldn’t end up teasing fans, then abruptly removing content that, for whatever reason, they never meant to go public with. I acted in good faith and was only trying to inform others about the existence of the show. I thought the clip was an advertisement meant for a general audience.  Hopefully once all the necessary distribution deals are in place we’ll be permitted to see more. 😉

UPDATE 2015: As you can see, the clip was eventually shared publicly on YouTube and is still available for viewing. However, there seems to have been no subsequent development of the program, at least not with Hugo’s involvement.

A bit of good news though… an earlier animated short Hugo Weaving narrated, Paul McDermott’s “The Girl Who Swallowed Bees”, is finally available on DVD as part of the FlickerFest 20th Anniversary Collection. And Oranges and Sunshine will have another preview screening (with director Jim Loach in attendance) at the Bradford international Film Festival, which runs 16- 27 March at the National Media Museum  in West Yorkshire, England. More info here.


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