More Cloud Atlas Set Pics; Some Dubious Journalism

Note: This is an archived entry that’s several years old. While I have ensured that all photos are restored, some links may no longer work. If you encounter any dead links, let me know and I’ll try to find a copy of the material. Some entries may not be up to my current standards as far as photo source and other credits are concerned; if you are a photographer or writer of a piece that lacks appropriate acknowledgement, please let me know and I’ll be happy to add source info.

This will be a duplicate post on hugonuts and RS because I have miniscule free time today, but great pics keep coming in:

Here are the latest Glasgow photos, this time from Caught On Set; I think Glasgow filming has wrapped as of yesterday, and that these were taken sometime this past week, but the site of origin has no documentation whatsoever. The most recent photos document Hugo and Keith David’s characters hashing out some differences, shall we say.

Filming will continue in Edinburgh on the 22-27th according to multiple sources, with Tom Hanks joining Halle Berry and possibly Hugo. If they’re still filming the Luisa Rey segment, and Tom Hanks has a prominent role in it, there’s only one left that I can think of… which would be…. interesting. 😉  But I’ll reveal no spoilers.

I have found a few news reports on filming, some with footage from the set, but it’s only of Halle Berry and contains no new info. There was a story in the Evening Times demonstrating that not all locals have been friendly to the film crews (though I suspect someone is about to get a severe talking to over this incident).

Then I found a spate of misleading articles, including a tabloid item saying Halle Berry was in Mallorca and had broken her foot Berry was in Mallorca a few weeks ago, but all the recent photos of her show she’s still quite nimble on her feet… and still in Scotland.

UPDATE: A number of celebrity gossip sites are running with the story that Halle Berry has broken her foot, apparently while in Mallorca. Since the BBC and other British news sources reported that Berry would be working in Edinburgh this week, I thought someone had their facts wrong (especially since the items on Berry are littered with other personal gossip and stalkery asides about her family). I suppose it’s possible that the actress took a few days off in Mallorca (where she’s rented a house for filming) between days on the set in the UK, and if she has been injured, obviously we all hope it wasn’t serious and that she recovers quickly. I’m still waiting for a legitimate news source to give us some facts on this… no, TMZ, you don’t count. As for the naysayers who suggest this accident might spell doom for the film, or that Berry might be recast– please. Pretty much every actor working on The Matrix suffered a serious injury in the process, including Hugo. The directors worked around this and didn’t recast anyone. Cloud Atlas has a much larger cast and multiple storylines to film in multiple locations, so Berry’s sequences could be rescheduled if needed. Berry has already filmed her character’s big near-death action sequence, so I think everything will work out.

Most disappointing is the Australian paper the Daily Telegraph, which posted one of the images of Hugo emerging from the wrecked car (I’ve posted the same image plus multiple variations) with the following text:
[Warning, minor plot, character spoilers]

Hugo in Halle of a tough role

FILMING has begun on Hugo Weaving’s new movie, which has transformed a street in Glasgow into 1970s California. Weaving and co-star Halle Berry have been in full period costume in the complex thriller, Cloud Atlas, based on an award-winning 2004 novel by British author David Mitchell.

Weaving plays a baddie – he’s always been good at that, just witness The Matrix films – called Bill Smoker, a contract killer in stories spanning multiple time periods.

It has six stories within a big one which eventually interconnect, beginning in the 1850s South Pacific before leaping forward through various periods, ending in 1970s California. “

All fine and good, except that the novel Cloud Atlas was published in 2003 (and isn’t really a ‘thriller’), that Hugo’s character is named Bill Smoke (not Smoker), that this character only appears in one segment (this might be a punctuation error by the Telegraph; adding a second dash after “contract killer” clarifies things), and that the novel doesn’t “end” in the 1970s… there’s a sequence set in the distant future, but it more or less ends where it began. (I’m trying to avoid giving too much away here).

Anyhow a miniscule amount of fact-checking and research by reporters would be deeply appreciated. I expect gossip sites and tabloids to lie or exaggerate, but mainstream Aussie papers should go the extra mile for their best exports– and should notice they had extensive, illustrious careers at home before The Matrix while they’re at it. Also– enough with the puns on Hugo and Halle Berry’s names. Are you people all seven years old?


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