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Cloud Atlas Wraps Filming in Glasgow; Oranges and Sunshine’s US Premiere

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A couple of brief notes for tonight:

First off, the scenes of Cloud Atlas that were filming in Scotland have apparently been completed, as some of the cast held a wrap party at a Glasgow pub. Here’s the full item from the October 2 Inverness Sunday Post::

A night down the pub for film stars

STAFF in a Glasgow pub were stunned when a booking for function turned out to be a party for Hollywood stars.

Producers of blockbuster Cloud Atlas, which stars Halle Berry and Tom Hanks, chose Sloans bar in the city centre for a wrap party after filming ended.

Clueless barstaff thought it was a regular booking until Hugo Weaving, who starred in Lord Of The Rings, and Jim Broadbent, who starred in Moulin Rouge, turned up.

Both are starring in the upcoming movie.

Nicola Wilkinson, events manager at Sloans, said: “We’re delighted the team chose to come to Sloans.”

No, alas… no photos of the cast party have turned up. I’ll add any that turn up, but since this was a private event, we should understand the actors might have wanted privacy.

No word on whether filming continues in Edinburgh, where scenes from another segment of the novel (Letters from Zedelghem) were being shot this past week, or whether Hugo has any role in that storyline. This is the first I’ve heard about Broadbent having a role in the Luisa Rey story, which stars Halle Berry. (She didn’t appear at the party, and is probably still recovering from her foor injury… by some accounts, filming of her additional scenes has been pushed back a few weeks.) Filming also continues on two other sequences in Mallorca. So it’s possible we’ll see Hugo popping up in other exotic locations (and hairstyles) through the fall. 😉

Hugo’s film Oranges and Sunshine will open in the US on October 21, but some fans on the east coast might be able to see it before then if they’re willing to venture out to the Hamptons Film Festival. Oranges and Sunshine will have its US premiere at the festival, with two screenings on October 15 and 16 in South Hampton and East Hampton. To learn more or buy tickets, go here. There’s been no word on how widely the film will be distributed in its formal release, but I’ll post cities and dates once they’re available. (Canadian dates can be found here.) So far the only universally cited cities mentioned in the entertainment press are New York and LA… I sincerely hope that won’t be all. This film deserves a larger audience and has been a hit in the UK and particularly Australia.

UPDATE: Cohen Media has added a list of announced US opening dates, cities and venues for Oranges and Sunshine: