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Les Liaisons Dangereuses Preview; New Cast Photos

Note: This is an archived entry that’s over two years old. While I have ensured that all photos are restored, some links may no longer work. If you encounter any dead links, let me know and I’ll try to find a copy of the material.

There’s another wonderful new preview of Sydney Theatre Company’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses in today’s Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum; fortunately the text was posted online too. As seems to be typical lately, both versions feature different images from the same photo session, so I’m featuring both here. Click on the link for the SMH Online version; here’s the pic they included:

Photo: James Brickwood, SMH

And here is the full printed version, under the cut due to image sizes:

Hugo’s modesty when asked if he wants the STC gig is particularly charming. 😉 I also have posted a slightly enlarged version of the second group portrait here. If anyone knows where to find higher resolution version of these, I’d love to know. It’s frustrating that some of the best recent photos can only been seen in newsprint or low-res digital scans based on it. But they’re still amazing photos. 🙂

Also for your viewing pleasure: this alternate pose from the Entertainment Weekly LOTR Cast Reunion in 2010 has been making the rounds online; the magazine version is here. This photo has been posted uncredited all over the place; I’ll assume Hugh Stewart, credited in EW, took both.

Hugo Weaving, Miranda Otto, Cate Blanchett and Ian McKellen, Sydney 2010

New Liaisons Interview, Theatre of Image, Cloud Atlas

Note: This is an archived entry that’s over two years old. While I have ensured that all photos are restored, some links may no longer work. If you encounter any dead links, let me know and I’ll try to find a copy of the material.

Another great Hugo Weaving interview promoting Les Liaisons Dangereuses appeared today, in both the online and print versions of The Australian, with slight variations. (The online version included two splendid new shots (below) of Hugo at STC and a selection of photos from his best-known films; the print edition (under the cut) had a third new STC pic… I’m slightly annoyed they cropped it and just used it as a banner, but at least we’re seeing some version of it. Maybe more will turn up soon. He’s never looked better, IMO…)

(Photos: Jane Dempster)

I have to say, I like the resolution of the online version of that first image better, but the cropping of the print version (a little) better. ;P

Also, the interviewer, Stephen Romei, posted this pic of himself with Hugo on his blog A Pair of Ragged Claws:

Yeah, this is the guy calling Hugo, Alan Rickman, John Malkovich and Colin Firth “ugly-sexy”. 😉

As usual, Hugo is insightful and understated. He discusses Cloud Atlas, but like most of the other actors who’ve discussed the film, he lets very few casting details slip out. Typically, he’s more interested in praising the work of under-utilized German character actors rather than hyping himself. 😉 Hugo’s castmates on the project that have recently given interviews include Jim Sturgess (a lavish in-depth piece in Jim Sturgess Online), Susan Sarandon (at and David Gyasi (at DIY). The Gyasi interview includes slight casting spoilers which I won’t reveal here; the other actors are beguilingly coy… no, I have no idea which (male) character Sarandon is talking about, despite having read the novel twice. 😉

Finally, the following item appeared in the print edition of The Sydney Morning Herald on 27 March; unfortunately no other articles or follow-ups have appeared. Hugo has supported Theatre of Image for 20 years and attended many past fundraisers and celebrations for them, so this sounds completely in character:


To celebrate the coming Broadway season of its play, The Book of Everything, the Theatre of Image is holding a Broadway-themed cocktail party fund-raiser. Hosted by its chairwoman, Professor Di Yerbury, as well as its ambassadors Hugo Weaving and Miranda Otto, it will auction a holiday at Hayman Island, 16 art works from the likes of indigenous artist Bronwyn Bancroft, abstract artist Peter Griffen and photographer Robyn Stacey, plus children’s books with notes inside by Layne Beachley, footballer Brett Kirk, Graeme Murphy, and Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton, explaining why they liked that book. Today, 6.30pm, Intercontinental Hotel, 117 Macquarie Street…”

I’ll add any additional reports (if any) that appear on the event; it might have been closed to the press. Given Hugo’s reticence about being a “celebrity spokesman” showing up the organizations he cares about, this is a distinct possibility. We’ll have to wait and see.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses Updates

Note: This is an archived entry that’s over two years old. While I have ensured that all photos are restored, some links may no longer work. If you encounter any dead links, let me know and I’ll try to find a copy of the material.

Sydney Theatre Company’s blog has posted an AMAZING retrospective of Hugo’s past performances on their stages over the past thirty years, including a majority of rare images from their archives that I’d never seen before Fans should rush over there without further ado, though I’ll post a selection of my favorites under the cut.

Aw, hell, I can’t pick just a few. Here’s the full STC Blog post with all its jaw-droppingly glorious pics. This way I’m 100% certain all the photo credits, dates, etc are correct:

“STC Blog

FLASHBACK: The many faces of Hugo Weaving at STC

It is such a thrill to have the wonderful Hugo Weaving back working at STC on our soon-to-open production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses. He has worked with us on more than 20 productions, readings and workshops, and here we remember the good times…

Hugo’s first show with us was back in 1982, when he appeared in Kaufman and Hart’s You Can’t Take It with You as ‘1st Man’ in a cast that included Geoffrey Rush as well as Hugo’s Liaisons co-stars Heather Mitchell and Jane Harders. 1982 was a big year, as this was the first of five plays Hugo performed with STC that year, back to back. Next was a production of A Map of the World, written and directed by David Hare and co-starring Seth Rosham and Tim Robertson, all pictured below. (Photo: Branco Gaica)

After this Hugo played Seyton in a Richard Wherrett-directed production of Macbeth, which also featured John Bell, Robyn Nevin, Colin Friels and Heather Mitchell, followed by David Williamson’s The Perfectionist (pictured, photo by Dennis del Favero), which later toured to the US. The year ended with Hugo playing ‘One of the Three Young Men’ in a production of Pirandello’s As You Desire Me.


The following year, 1983, was another busy one, starting with a spectacular production of Congreve’s The Way of the World, in which Hugo played Petulant alongside a fabulous cast that included Ruth Cracknell and Drew Forsythe. (Photo: S. Edwards)


Next up was the premiere of Thomas Keneally’s Gossip from the Forest, alongside Michael O’Neill, Linda Nagle and David Franklin. (Photo: Brett Hilder)


Finally that year, Hugo appeared as Trofimov in Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, directed by Rodney Fisher, and also starring Odile le Clezio. (Photo: Dennis del Favero)


In 1986 a very dapper looking Hugo performed alongside Geoff Morrell in The Madras House. (Photo: Andrew Southam)


The following year he joined the large cast of a Wayne Harrison/Philip Parsons directed double production of Hamlet and Henry IV Part 1, which was part of a HSC program and presented the works to a standing audience in a rehearsal room with minimal design and natural daylight. Three years later Hugo returned for another David Hare play The Secret Rapture, in which he performed alongside his Liaisons co-stars Pamela Rabe and Heather Mitchell (pictured). (Photo: Branco Gaica)


In 1994 Hugo played Bernard Nightingale in a production of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia alongside Helen Thomson (who will appear in both Under Milk Woodand The Splinter at STC later this year). (Photo: Tracey Schramm)


Hugo paired up with Angie Milliken in 2000 for a Gale Edwards directed production of The White Devil, which featured an enormous cast that included Paula Arundell, Bruce Spence (who will both appear in Under Milk Wood later this year), as well as Heather Mitchell.


In 2003 he played Henry in Stoppard’s The Real Thing, again alongside Milliken. (Photo: Tania Kelley)


The following year, sporting some impressive facial hair, Hugo joined a stellar cast for a Robyn Nevin directed production of Hedda Gabler, alongside hisLiaisons co-star Justine Clarke as well as our Co-Artistic Director Cate Blanchett.


In 2007 he played the aging rocker John in our other Co-Artistic Director Andrew Upton’s Riflemind, directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman.


After a three year break from STC, Hugo returned in 2010 to play Astrov in Uncle Vanya, opposite Richard Roxburgh in the title role. This production toured to Washington in 2011 and will go to the Lincoln Center later this year.


So it’s not long to go until Liaisons hits the stage. While all we can offer you just now is a glimpse of Hugo in the rehearsal room (photo: Grant Sparkes-Carroll) we can promise that this almost sold-out production will be one not to miss…

Les Liaisons Dangereuses runs in Wharf 1 from 31 March – 9 June, 2012.”

Even better, they added a delightful new image of Hugo at rehearsals for Les Liaisons Dangereuses.
Hugo_lld_image14 (Photo: Grant Sparkes-Carroll)

UPDATE: STC just held their pre-season briefing for Liaisons yesterday. Hugo Weaving was in attendance with the rest of the cast and crew. A somewhat blurry photo was taken and posted to STC’s Twitter feed, along with choice tidbits. Hugo was quoted as saying he was “far too young” to attempt the role on his first go-round in 1987.  If more details turn up, I’ll share them as soon as I can.


New Interviews Promoting Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Note: This is an archived entry that’s over two years old. While I have ensured that all photos are restored, some links may no longer work. If you encounter any dead links, let me know and I’ll try to find a copy of the material.

As promised, here are the first pair of interviews promoting Sydney Theatre Company’s new production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, which opens in just a few days on March 31. The first is a Pamela Rabe interview from The Daily Telegraph featuring a pic of Rabe and Hugo Weaving in rehearsals, the second the first new Hugo Weaving interview in months (!) and well worth the wait. Hugo mostly focuses on the play, but also throws in a few tidbits about Cloud Atlas, The Hobbit and Uncle Vanya (which he’ll be tackling again in New York in a few months– which is not as metaphoric as it sounds, given some of his comments.) 😉 The photo accompanying the piece is actually from 2010, but it’s still a good one. Both article scans are below the cut for those with glitchy browsers. Like me. 😉

I’ll add new interviews, promotion and other info about the play as it becomes available. I’m already envying anyone lucky enough to have tickets. 😉

UPDATE:  Elissa Blake’s interview with Hugo Weaving has now been posted in the online version of the Sydney Morning Herald; text and photo are the same as above, but this will expand its readership exponentially.

Uncle Vanya New York Tix Now On Sale To Lincoln Center Members

Note: This is an archived entry that’s over two years old. While I have ensured that all photos are restored, some links may no longer work. If you encounter any dead links, let me know and I’ll try to find a copy of the material.

I promised everyone a heads up once more info became available on the Lincoln Center Festival run for STC’s Uncle Vanya… Lincoln Center posted the full schedule of dates and has now (as of 10am this morning) made single tickets for all festival events available to members. This means you’ll have to fork over $75 in addition to the ticket cost, which can range up to $200 for front Orchestra.  Yes, I know that’s steep. If it’s any comfort, I promise it’s worth it if you’re lucky enough to go. Tickets will be available to the general public on April 2. There are only 10 performances in total, running July 19-28. The full cast of the Sydney and Washington DC productions will be reprising their roles, including Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchett, Richard Roxburgh, Hayley McElhinney, John Bell, Jacki Weaver, Anthony Phelan, Sandy Gore and Andrew Tighe. (Yes, I remembered that from memory… they’re all just that great.) 😉  You can read more at Variety and Theater Mania. Here’s Lincoln’s Center’s festival annoucement video, featuring a glimpse of Weaving and McElhinney tussling it out as Astrov and Sonya.

Meanwhile, Hugo Weaving will be acting in a very different theatrical production, STC’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses, opposite Pamela Rabe, later this week. I’ve heard at least one new interview is in the pipeline, which I’ll make available here as soon as it’s published. Meanwhile Sydney Theatre Company’s blog has posted some behind the scenes info on the costumes and sets, featuring intriguing glimpses of the working designs and staging, though no photos of the cast yet. We should be hearing more soon, but it already sounds deliciously intriguing.