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Hugo Attends Gotham Magazine Party With Vanya Cast

Note: This is an archived entry that’s over two years old. While I have ensured that all photos are restored, some links may no longer work. If you encounter any dead links, let me know and I’ll try to find a copy of the material.

A couple new pics of Hugo attending yet another soiree in honor of the Uncle Vanya cast have appeared; in this case, Cate Blanchett, Hugo, Richard Roxburgh and their fellow actors attended a Gotham Magazine Cover Party held at the London Hotel on Wednesday, July 25. You can view the full set at Getty Images, Zimbio and Just Jared (the latter has nice, high-res images), Somewhat ironically (given what happens in the play) the festivities were sponsored by a vodka company. 😉

Photo: Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

Photo: Joseph Grossman/WENN

Hugo’s already-brief New York Post interview from yesterday is already being truncated further in various places; many sites are running with the not-exactly-news that Hugo has epilepsy (though he’s been asymptomatic for years), while the Daily Telegraph quoted his musings on his role in Vanya… I’ll share the print version of that because it features a nice pic of Hugo taken at last month’s Sydney Film Festival.

Another random observation from my Vanya revisit the other night: as I mentioned before, Hugo and his castmates played the drunken antics of Scene 2 more broadly, and with greater abandon (mixed, later, with raw, painful self-realization)… but I did notice Hugo was taking extra care to pay attention to the edge of the stage, which he pranced along quite nimbly. I don’t blame him for wanting to avoid another tumble into the audience like he took in 2006 during the BAM run of Hedda Gabler. Though I’m sure plenty of us would have rushed to catch him (or Cate, or Richard) if such a mishap transpired. 😉

I’m still parsing the Cloud Atlas trailer for any additional signs of Hugo (other than the snippet 4.25 in, which I capped in the previous entry)… haven’t found anything yet. Some fans are complaining about there not being enough Hugo in the trailer. With me, it’s more like I was already fascinated and then they sprang Hugo on me… “Wow! All this… and Hugo too!” I don’t blame them for keeping some of the crazier casting stunts under wraps for now, because they’re trying to sell the story and experience at this stage, not the race- and gender- swapping games. I wish more films were this mysterious this close to their release dates.