First Photos of Hugo Weaving on Mystery Road Set

Note: This is an archived entry that’s over two years old. While I have ensured that all photos are restored, some links may no longer work. (The Fraser Coast Chronicle piece was still up as of August 2014, however). If you encounter any dead links, let me know and I’ll try to find a copy of the material.

I promise today’s post will be a lot shorter and less controversial than yesterday’s. (I don’t ever want posts to be controversial, but I couldn’t let some of the invective circulating about Cloud Atlas pass without comment. I do want to add that I’m not trying to suggest there aren’t still real concerns in this area (racism in the film industry), just that they’re targeting the wrong movie and the wrong people.)

But… onward. The Cloud Atlas premiere isn’t happening for about another week, and Hugo has another project in the meantime. This, of course, is Mystery Road, which started its final block of filming earlier this week in Ipswich, Queensland. The Fraser Coast Chronicle conducted brief interviews with Hugo, Aaron Pederson and Tony Barry, and included ten photos of the three on the film’s police station set. Which is a real, recently decomissioned police station.

Here’s the section of the Fraser Coast Chronicle piece about Hugo:
[Weaving] arrived in Ipswich on Saturday and, while focused on shooting, spent time checking out the city.

“I’ve been to a pub on the main drag and played a game of pool and watched the All Blacks thrash the Wallabies and had a few meals with people,” Weaving said.

“The set is great for us; it’s a ready-made police station. I’m told it only stopped being a police station very recently.

“I only really started in the film yesterday but it’s been great.

“They wrapped up filming in Winton four weeks ago. I was doing something else at the time.

“They’re really lovely people I’m working with.

“I’m a huge supporter of Ivan’s; he’s a wonderful director so when he sent me the script and said: ‘Do you want to work on this film?’ I jumped at the chance.”

Lead actor Aaron Pederson

Tony Barry with the camera crew

All photos: Claudia Baxter/Fraser Coast Chronicle


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