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New Hobbit Trailer Arrives With Four “Bonus” Endings, Screencaps, Cloud Atlas Premiere Candids

Note: This is an archived entry. Some links might not still work, but I have tried to ensure scan and video embeds are still in place. If any linked material is unavailable, please let me know and I’ll attempt to find a copy in my personal archives.

The new Hobbit trailer has finally arrived and has dutifully been reposted all over the internet… I’m happy to report that, yes, we finally have some Elrond footage in this one. This is the official version:

If you go to the official Hobbit website, though, you can see four alternate endings, including one with more Hugo Weaving footage which explains the origins of “Sting”, the Elven sword Frodo later obtains in Lord of The Rings. Unfortunately none of the four alternate versions can be directly embedded yet, though I’ll add them the moment this changes. The only change is to the final scene in each case, but in my personal opinion, the four “alternate” versions are better than the “official” version, which, though amusing (love James Nesbitt’s remark) suffers from slightly dodgy CG. The other four versions are more character-driven, still wryly funny, and make one interested in seeing how it all plays out. A lot is familiar to anyone who’s read the book, but the tone is distinctly darker, so the film is more of a companion piece to Jackson’s earlier trilogy. (I have no issues with this because… well, obviously, I rather liked Jackson’s trilogy.) 😉 Anyhow, here are links to the other four versions: Sting (this is the one Hugo fans will probably like best), Bilbo, Gollum, Gandalf.

Update: someone has posted a compilation of all four alternate endings (out of context) on YouTube. I still recommend going to the official website and seeing these as they were designed to be seen– and I know some of you will be watching this thing over and over again anyhow. 😉 But if you’re really pressed for time, here you go:

Here are some preliminary screencaps:

I think we’ve had our first Figwit sighting! (there on the right…)

Here are the “official” still frames released yesterday to the media, before the trailer came out:

Some fans are claiming Hugo’s been digitally “de-aged” in this… those closeups pretty much disprove that. Certainly he’s wearing makeup like all of the other actors, but I’m glad they haven’t tried to use CG on his face. I can suspend disbelief– that’s why you hire great actors in the first place.

Finally, I was finally able to access my WireImages account and get unmarked copies of these TIFF photos; they’re not large or high-res, but nice to see anyhow. All were taken on September 8-9 at the Toronto International Film Festival. Those withy Katrina were taken September 8 by Eric Charbonneau, those with Hugh Grant on September 9 by Jeff Vespa.