Hobbit Promotion Begins in Earnest, Cloud Atlas Pics & Articles, The Turning Details

Note: this is an archived entry. Some links might not still work, but I have tried to ensure scan and video embeds are still in place. If any linked material is unavailable, please let me know and I’ll attempt to find a copy in my personal archives.

Apologies for the lack of updates recently… my work schedule has been unforgiving. There are major updates on three Hugo Weaving projects to report, though, so I'll get right to that without further ado.

First there's breaking news on Hugo's participation in the Australian anthology film The Turning, based on the Tim Winton book of linked stories. An in-depth interview with one of the film's distributors, Tine Klint of LevelK Films, at SBS. According to the article, Hugo will star in a segment entitled "The Commission", to be directed by his old friend (and frequent costar) David Wenham. Cate Blanchett will direct and costar in a different segment, "Reunion", and Miranda Otto and Rose Byrne will costar in "The Turning" (yes, the same title as the film). If I had read the book, as I'm sorely tempted to, I could probably tell you more about role specifics and whether/how various stories are linked, but it's probably best for now that I avoid spoiler territory. According to Klint, there are "plans to launch the film at a major international festival, probably Toronto or Venice in late 2013"…"We have a lot of international distributors that are following the film and had some offers at the American Film Market that we are working on now,” she says. Given how dicey and delayed international distribution can be with Australian films, it's very encouraging to hear this one already has an international distributor in place, though at this point rights to the European and American markets aren't sold. The film will debut at the Melbourne International Film Festival next July; it's unknown whether Hugo has filmed his sequence; I would guess not given how busy he's been. But it's great to have specifics about when the film will be seen this far in advance, and the presence of so many internationally-known actors can only help its chances.

Next, here's the latest batch of photos of Hugo at the Berlin premiere of Cloud Atlas on November 5 (plus a handful from Moscow); some are enlargements or "cleaned up" versions of images previously shared, some are new. As always, if anyone has clean or high-res versions of any images with watermarks, we'd love to see them.

Michael Sohn/AP

Laurenz Carpen/Red Carpet Reports

XVerleih/via James D'Arcy Fans Pinterest (Thanks!)

(Both) Dave Bedrosian/Corbis

Many more under the cut!

First 14 photos: Melanie Renker/Retna:

Next 9:  Dave Bedrosian/Corbis

Tom Tykwer, Marie Steinmann, Hugo Weaving

Next  :Laurenz Carpen/Red Carpet Reports

L to R: Andy Wachowski, Gotz Otto, James D'Arcy, Tom Hanks, Lana Wachowski in front of Halle Berry, Tom Tykwer, Bae Doona, Hugo Weaving in front of Ben Whishaw

Hugo Weaving, Tom Tykwer, Marie Steinmann

Andreas Rentz/Getty


Next 4: Britta Pedersen/Corbis

Manrizio Gambarini/Corbis

Ciao Hollywood/Corbis

Splash News

Here are some pics from the Moscow premiere:

Next 3 photos: Woman.ru   Bae Doona, Hugo Weaving, Halle Berry

Next 3: Sharifulin Valley/ Corbis

Here are way too many screencaps from the November 2 press conference:

The website Dizifilm posted a treasure trove of high-res stills and behind the scenes images from the film; Hugo content under the cut:

Lest anyone think their recent dinner conversations have been awkward… 😉

The guy to the right of Hugo is author David Mitchell. So those identity politics morons who think Mitchell is on their side need to stop making that claim NOW. Oh, and actually see the film before you slander it any further.

Note; These are not nearly as large as the originals here. (Curse LJ and Photobucke size restrictions!)

There are several worthwhile new articles on Cloud Atlas at the following websites: there's a Tom Tykwer interview at Zeit Online, an interview with all three directors at Der Tagesspiegel, an audio interview with the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer at The Nerdist Podcast, a brief new thematic/making of featurette (no embedding. alas) at Entertainment Weekly,  an interview with and article about actress Zhou Xun's makeup transformations at EW, a brief excerpt from a Halle Berry/Tom Tykwer interview (which appeared in print only) at The Sun, an admonishment to homophobic twerps who have issues with the Frobisher/Sixsmith romance plot at The Advocate, and an interview with the film's makeup artists Daniel Parker and Jeremy Woodhead at The Los Angeles Times ( Parker: "My first big transformation was on Hugo Weaving, turning him into Nurse Noakes. And the thing that makes changing a man into a woman so challenging is, particularly in this case, you've got Hugo, who's a very masculine man. And so it was a question of changing the bone structure, raising eyebrows and softening the forehead. Also, what I wanted to do was change the whole skin quality, because female skin is so much softer and peach-like."; also the amusing fact that Susan Sarandon's Indian professor was created at the last minute on set, so Susan Sarandon actually had to borrow prosthetics made for Jim Strugess and James D'Arcy.) 😉   

Also, there's heartening news from Russia: the film had a $9.1 million opening there, which, to put things in perspective, is better than the opening grosses for Skyfall and The Dark Knight Rises. More details available at The Hollywood Reporter and Screen Daily… I hope the rest of Europe also treats the film better than jaded, pablum-craving US audiences did.

Warner Bros has launched a long-shot Oscar campaign for the film, including Best Supporting Actor nod suggestions for (take a deep breath): Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess, James D'Arcy, Keith David, Hugh Grant, Ben Whishaw, Jim Broadbent and David Gyasi. (Whew!) IMO, Sturgess, Broadbent and possibly Whishaw are lead actors, and all delivered stronger work than Warner's sole Lead Actor pick Tom Hanks. If the Oscars were remotely fair, Broadbent would have a strong chance in the lead category and D'Arcy in supporting, but I doubt the academy will nominate any actor from the film except possibly Halle Berry, because the Lead Actress field tends to be weak in American movies. As for Hugo, he'd never campaign personally for a Oscar (which is sort of required if you want to win), and his roles in the film are limited, though he did the best he could with what he had to work with. I hope one day one of his Australian films breaks through over here in a big way, because his best work as an actor is inarguably in films like Little Fish, Last Ride and Oranges and Sunshine. I personally think the film's only real chances for nominations are in score (which it should win easily), makeup, editing and possibly adapted screenplay… and even these are iffy given how risk-averse academy voters tend to be. But it's good of Warner's to try, particularly after they bungled US distribution somewhat.  You can read the full list of Warner's nomination possibilities at IndieWire.    

There are new positive (or mixed but well-written) reviews of Cloud Atlas at Sam Shot First, Gayot.com, Grimes & Rowe Watch A Movie, Danny Baram, Club Parnassus, The Password is Swordfish, Alderaan Places, The Republika, The AP Book Club, Les Fleurs de Maraschine, Kitty Lambda, Movies & Such With Clayton, My Entertainment World, Pierced To The Heart, Lake Forest CA Patch, Chronicle; The Conversation, QuadNews.net, Cinema Sight, Jerome Shaw, Washburn Review Online, Double Exposure, Love and Squalor, San Diego Entertainer, and Benefits of a Classical Education.

…And there's another positive review of the US DVD release of Last Ride at Movies You Missed. Which is appreciated even by those of us who managed to see it in theaters. 😉

Finally, we're starting to see a lot more advance promo material for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as we come within a month of its release date. I'll embed all five TV Spots that have appeared so far (beneath a cut) and add all Elrond-centric photos: fans of LOTR/The Hobbit in general should check these links and TORn (The One Ring.net) for (much) more: IMDb, and HeyUGuys (new stills), MovieWeb  and Rope of Silicon (new character banners), Anime Movie Forever (lots of behind the stills pics and character portraits– especially of Richard Armitage), TolkienBrasil.com (60 new behind the scenes pics), ComicBookMovie (150 new images, though their slideshow isn't currently working), Empire Online (to hear the full soundtrack), Ian McKellen's blog (for insider details… and because Ian McKellen is cool–duh!) 😉 , Stuff.co.nz (Martin Freeman interview and a behind the scenes report— alas, Hugo wasn't on set at the time– but the site has a plethora of new pics) and Comingsoon.net (to hear Neill Finn's song "The Lonely Mountain" which the Dwarves sing in the film's trailer.)  

Notable New Pics:

Ian McKellen and Hugo Weaving on the set

Elrond character banner (larger version here)

Richard Armitage and Ian McKellen (yes, in fact, Wizards do make accommodations for the weather) 😉

Elrond, Gandalf and Galadriel in Rivendell

Gandalf and Galadriel

Hugo Weaving, Peter Jackson and Ian McKellen on the set

Sylvester McCoy (Radagast) and Peter Jackson

Martin Freeman ("How many more months to we have to go?" 😉 )

Again, Wizards do make accommodations for the weather 😉

This is just a drop in the bucket of what's out there (though it's all of the new Elrond content… so far). Do check out all the other sites if you want to explore further!

Here are the five extant TV Spots… and a couple of bonuses. 😉

And here's a preview images from the 2013 Hobbit Calendar (German version… not certain if the US version will be the same .)

You can preview the whole thing (and order this version, if you like) here. You can order the US version (which is completely different– I checked) here. Elrond has one month in each…

(US Hobbit Calendar, November image)

Finally, one more Cloud Atlas cast interview compilation… this one has very little about the film (and Hugo gets a very thankless question) but it's entertaining:

Hope you guys voted… 😉

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