Hobbit Cast Australian TV Interviews

Note: this is an archived entry. Some links might not still work, but I have tried to ensure scan and video embeds are still in place. If any linked material is unavailable, please let me know and I’ll attempt to find a copy in my personal archives.

While we wait anxiously for the premiere to begin (see previous entry for specific times… though I suspect anyone who's interested already knows) 😉 I thought I'd embed some of the early cast interviews featuring Hugo Weaving which have appeared on Australian TV. Some fans have kindly transferred lo-res versions over to YouTube… I'll provide links for both. As was the case on Cloud Atlas press junkets, the enormous cast has been divided into smaller groups for interviews. Hugo has been logically paired with fellow Elf Cate Blanchett, with Elijah Wood thrown in.

Australian Channel 7:

They also interviewed Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis and Richard Armitage and Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens. (+ Part 2)

Here's Channel 9's interview with Hugo, Cate and Elijah:

Their interviews with Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis and Richard Armitage; Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens

Thanks to Mr BBi for the YouTube uploads.

New Hobbit press articles/overviews at The Age, Mashable (an examination of the new 3D technology used in filming), Breaking News USA (the overabundance of tourist hype/product placement/etc), Stuff.co.NZ (cast interviews with actors who arrived via the "Hobbit plane" yesterday), 3 News NZ (a group interview with Freeman, Serkis and Armitage, and a separate one with Jackson and Boyens… one hopes there's a third they're holding back ;)… ) another Stuff.co.nz/Dominion Post piece on the film's makeup effects, a Deadline interview with the VFX creators, a 20 minute radio interview with Peter Jackson at Radio NZ National …and a lovely Ian McKellen interview at Vanity Fair. I know this is probaboly just scratching the surface. I hope to scrounge out a bit of time before the premiere starts tonight to add any new material. Unfortunately I have very little time at present.

Back soon! 😉

Last minute addition: some great new set pics courtesy IGN:

(Yes, I know the second one isn't new, but I think it's a better version than previously posted)

Again, you can see the full lot here.


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