More Hugo Weaving Photos; Wellington Hobbit Premiere Coverage

Note: this is an archived entry. Some links might not still work, but I have tried to ensure scan and video embeds are still in place. If any linked material is unavailable, please let me know and I’ll attempt to find a copy in my personal archives.

Sorry about the absence… had to put in some serious time taking care of Real Life Issues (and sleep) after my overnight spent on the last post. Unfortunately I'm not finding as much uncut footage of the Wellington premiere and press conference as I'd hoped (though the NowLive broadcast was fine). 3 News NZ has a large assortment of clips mentioned in the previous post, including a brief red carpet interview with Hugo and Peter Jackson's full 15 minute cast introduction and speech from the end of the live broadcast. There are tons of lovely new photos to share, though, many from fans who attended, so I'll get right to work cross-posting those.

Andy Serkis, Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving and Elijah Wood onstage at the end of the Hobbit World Premiere red carpet in Wellington, NZ, 28 November  (Photo: SuicideBlonde via Tumblr)

ForceDirected via Tumblr


Reuters/Mark Coote

Steampowered Hobbit via Tumblr

Hugo Weaving and Sylvester McCoy (Radagast) at the Wellington Press Conference (NineMSN NZ)

Wall Street Journal/Ross Stetford/AP
Yes, still finding more antics-with-Nesbitt photos! They really need to work together again… maybe a more actor-driven piece. Maybe he can understudy Roxburgh for Godot. (Except that a. Roxburgh is perfect for the role and b. is a certified, prolific workaholic who has probably never missed a jpob due to illness or anything else in his career.) 😉

Reuters via Straits Times (plus photo below)

Jacqui/Dougal Mclovin via Twitter

Mark Mitchell/NZ Herald

Damian Bray via Twitter

Kaitlyn ‏@McSchnieders via Twitter

Andy Serkis, Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving onstage at the end of the red carpet event (Mira Christine via Tumblr)

MakeSureNotToBlink via Tumblr

Kerry McCabe via Twitter

A great collage created from the Weaving/Nesbitt red carpet pics by Gizthegunslinger at World in My Eyes/Tumblr:

Note: fans interested in photos of the other actors in the film should click on the links below the photos, particularly those linked to news sites, because many of these images came from lengthy photo galleries. Fans of Hugo's acting collaborators often help find the best material (and in this case, some were on hand and took the pics themselves. Getting a lot of assists (intentional and accidental) from the Richard Armitage collective this time around, just as I have from the James D'Arcy, Jim Sturgess, Geoffrey Rush, Cate Blanchett, Richard Roxburgh and other actors' fans and fansites in the past. No one person could cover an event of this magnitude alone, so thanks to everyone else who's shared photos or passed along links. I hope some of these links help you guys find new stuff too.

Another note: I've tried my best to credit original photographers and websites in sharing photos, but in some cases I only have names/user IDs of other sharers, and can't be certain they actually took the photographs. I always try to make corrections as I go, and apologize for any inadvertent crediting mistakes. I wish all fans would provide source information and context for their material… I know from personal experience that you can get into trouble if you're not thorough… also, it's important to give full credit where credit is due. Tumblr is often a minefield of unsourced, uncredited photos shared with no contextual info. This drives the archivist in me me completely mad. 😉 I know in the case of the premiere, a lot of these are authentic fan photos shared by those who took them, and that's wonderful and very generous. But if you repost press photos without any credit or source info… GRRRR! 😉 You make my work an other fansite operators' work harder.

Other press reports on the Wellington premiere (many including photos of actors and fans) can be found at:
The New Zealand Herald (preparations and movie trivia),
Behind the Themes (photos),
Alt Film Guide,
CNN (video here),, 3 News NZ (initial reaction to the film),,
Perth Now,
New York Daily News (Hugo Weaving: "It feels more like a national holiday today…Maybe you should have this as a national day every year."),
Associated Press (an event overview reposted on news sites worldwide),
Courier Mail (Hugo Weaving: "It feels like a country celebrating its own culture [in New Zealand tonight].", James Nesbitt: ""I was surprised there wasn't more dwarf sex, actually."),
The Huffington Post (photo gallery, interviews with Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis and Peter Jackson),
3 News NZ (red carpet interviews with Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis (yes, he does the Gollum voice), Barry Humphries; Hugo is quoted by the reporter but not interviewed on camera),
Stanthorpe Border Post (photo gallery),
Daily Mail Online (lots of great, large photos of the cast),
Premiere (French-language coverage),
Wall Street Journal,  MSN New Zealand (brief comments from Cate Blanchett, who jokingly threatened to "stalk" Peter Jackson if Galadriel wasn't in ther film, and Hugo, who says of Jackson, "[Working with him is liberating because] "He doesn't hold on to things either, he'll let them go if there's something better there,"Also: multiple photo galleries),
New Zealand Herald (red carpet coverage),
The Age (includes brief video overview) Hugo quote: "Peter [Jackson] has so embraced his own culture and put it up on the screen. This film is so much a part of this country … I don't think you could make The Hobbit anywhere else – you wouldn't want to….I think actually it's more like a national holiday rather than a celebration of a film – it's a celebration of a culture and a country."),
Coming Soon's Italian-language site featured interviews with Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving and Elijah Wood–likely translated from the Australian TV interviews. Hugo says, of the Elves, ""They have a strong self-awareness and are imbued with a profound melancholy, feel a sense of insecurity because they know that their presence in this world is almost over. [In The Hobbit, that feeling] The Hobbit is imperceptible, while the Lord of the Rings becomes apparent."),
The Straits Times (The AP article but with a different set of photos)

Coverage of the press conference preceding the premiere, which featured many cast members, can be read at the New Zealand Herald (which included the only lengthy video excerpt), 3 News NZ (another article quoting cast members here), Byron Shire News (includes video preview and photo gallery of the press conference), Sydney Morning Herald (brief video clip), and AAP/The West Australian.

Sites featuring new high-res images of previously-shared from the film: IGN, and Beyond Hollywood.

Here's a selection of embeddable video from the Hobbit premiere and related press interviews:

Sunrise 7 compiled clips from previously screen Channel 7 cast interviews with Hugo, Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis and added behind the scenes footage:

NewZealandMedia coverage of the premiere features interviews with Jackson, Armitage, Nesbitt, Freeman, Wood, Serkis and Weaving, all enthusing about New Zealand:

…Also includes footage of Andy Serkis's attempt to break the world record for high-fiving, which so enlivened the premiere feed.

This is the only bit of Hugo's official red carpet interview (from the live broadcast) that's I've yet found, from Trailer Addict… a tiny 19 second snippet. Surely someone somewhere will post the whole thing. If they don't… heh heh… we'll have to see. 😉

Note: LJ has become increasingly anal about not allowing embeds from various sites. If you don't see the clip, click on the link in the description. Sorry about that!

Here's an endearing, well-assembled fan report by Catiesaurus0 via YouTube; she's an Elijah Wood fan (and she got her money's worth on that front!) 😉  Hugo is briefly glimpsed:

Lo Res compilation of interviews from Turbinados Videos (Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman, Elijah Wood, Hugo Weaving, Richard Armitage, Andy Serkis)

(Yes, I'll keep looking for the full interview with Hugo that isn't abruptly cut off.) 😉

ComingSoon compiled live feed clips of most major cast members (Hugo is at 3.19 in) :

HitFix and posted identical footage.

Here's a photo montage, also featuring most of the cast (UKthebestone via YouTube)

Amazing fan video from Melmelmax via YouTube featuring strategic use of hairy feet (and a leg infection!?) to secure autographs from an astonishing number of actors (Freeman, Wood, Weaving, Armitage, WETA's Richard Taylor)… and a high-five from Andy Serkis:


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