More Cloud Atlas Beijing Pics, Video Links, New Hugo Weaving Interview

Note: this is an archived entry. Some links might not still work, but I have tried to ensure scan and video embeds are still in place. If any linked material is unavailable, please let me know and I’ll attempt to find a copy in my personal archives.

New photos and videos keep coming in from the Cloud Atlas Beijing press conference (January 21) and premiere (January 22). I’ll keep adding more links and items as they arrive (and I can find time), but fans will want to check the videos first: has posted video of the 13 minute solo interview with Hugo Weaving I provided a rough text translation of yesterday… needless to say, the video is better. 😉 Unfortunately I can’t embed (LJ remains very fussy about which sites they’ll accept embeds from) but the video should stream directly in all locations. And massive thanks to Yvette for her download of the hourlong interview with Hugo, Zhou Xun and the directors and producers from If you didn’t catch her link in the comments from yesterday’s entry, here it is again.  And yes, my wild guess that Hugo meant Tony Leung when asked what Chinese entertainers he’d like to work with was in fact correct and not just my wishful thinking. (The text version just said “Tony”). 😉

Lana Wachowski addressed the censorship/editing issue Cloud Atlas has faced in its Chinese release in an English-language interview (some 40 minutes of the film were removed, sex and violence being reasons most commonly cited.) She allowed that it’s fair that fans who might want to see the version of the film its makers intended might seek it out online, but lamented that censorship and the sort of staggered international releases of films that have driven us all crazy only fuel internet piracy and shortchange international film fans.

Here are the latest photos… some are very similar to or are enlargements of images posted last night… I hope no one minds. 😉

Hugo sits for a TV interview with TV Sohu

Cloud Atlas Beijing Press Conference; L to R: Tom Tykwer, Lana Wachowski, Andy Wachowski, Hugo Weaving, Zhu Zhu  Photo:

Photo: Associated Press

Photo (plus next 3): AP/Ng Han Guan/SIPA

L to R: Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, Zhou Xun, Hugo Weaving

XinMSN (plus next one )

Thumbnails from Rex Features (anyone have an account there…) 😉

Thanks to LyridsMC 😉 (plus next two)

Hugo Weaving and Zhu Zhu

The formal Cloud Atlas premiere January 22 in Beijing; Photo: Xinmin/Wang Shen via Bulgarian News Agency (!)

Still from Hugo’s video interview with

CRI Online (plus next 2) (plus next one)

(I predict these’ll be a Tumblr animated GIF in about…oh…five minutes). 😉

Elle China (plus next 4 : there’s a large gallery of images at the sites, but several are duplicates I’ve already posted.) (plus next 17 )

Additional Chinese media coverage of Cloud Atlas:,,, and A lot of these stories have similar material and quotes from the press conference and other interviews previously cited here. I’ve only found the one photo of the actual premiere so far, so this probably isn’t remotely everything there is to find… back soon with more. 😉 Thanks to Elisa at RS and Yvette for their assistance and enthusiasm.

There’s a slideshow of large images of Hugo doing interviews for Beijing TV show and a transcript of the interview here… I’ll keep looking for video, because I don’t have time to post a translation at the moment and am not happy with what Google’s giving me for one. 😉 But Hugo makes additional interesting comments about farming and not being particularly interested in a career as a Hollywood villain. 😉 UPDATE: I’ve managed to separate the interview photos from the gallery format and embed them above… no video…yet.) ANOTHER UPDATE: We have video! Click here. Alas, no embedding again. And it’s maddeningly dubbed-over, so if anyone has a copy with original audio, please let me know. If only so we may finally figure out what that little fox toy is all about. 😉

Additional Hugo Quotes:

Jin Qian Entertainment: Hugo Weaving:”Obviously [despite working for]  three different directors, acting in several completely different types of movies, I feel [Cloud Atlas] is [tonally] so consistent. [Each film set was a distinct entity as we worked, but], the effect
of the final presentation is amazingly consistent, [implying] there is a tacit understanding [amongst the directors].”

On Lana Wachowski: “”Lana’s appearance [obviously] has changed, but at heart she hasn’t essentially changed, as usual, she likes to ask questions, and her curiosity is still very strong.”

This article at suggests that it was Hugo who initiated the Rockette/high kick dance by the cast in all those press conference photos, but a precise translation of what exactly happened eludes me. 😉

This positive review (Yule Sohu) review hints that the film will face the same challenges in China that it did in the US: “Both as  a metaphysical construct, and a physical experience, this is my favorite [kind of] movie. Market prospects? It’s difficult to say. Chinese audiences like shallow films like “Titanic”… but also [go to see more challenging films]. Box office prediction has become increasingly similar to a gambling lottery…. All I can say is it’s a good movie. ”

There’s another new solo interview featuring Hugo at… it’s over 17 minutes long and covers some of the same ground as the previous two, but has some interesting additional details, including an account of his previous visit to China 20 years ago (I’m still trying to figure out what “filming” he might be referring to, but it sounds like he was mostly there to travel.) He also hints that his next film project (almost certainly Craig Monahan’s Healing) begins shooting in February, as well as referencing the STC production of Waiting For Godot later this year. Kudos to Ifeng and Sina for sharing their interviews WITHOUT overdubs! Whether or not I share a common language with an artist, I want to hear him or her speaking. (And yes, I have returned some Chinese films– mostly of the Hong Kong action variety– to Netflix without viewing them when I discovered there was no subtitles option, only overdubs. And yes, I’m fairly certain one involved Tony Leung.) 😉  Here are some stills:

Photo: (plus next one)

I’ve also found some new photos of the official Beijing premiere of Cloud Atlas (which was January 22, the night after the press conference.)

Li Xueshi photo/China

L to R: Hugo Weaving, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, Zhou Xun, Tom Tykwer, Zhu Zhu
Photo: Sina via (plus following photo)

TungStar via (plus following photo)

In case you wanted to see this photo. Again. 😉 (

I’ll close this entry, as we’re getting into the wee hours again. I wish Singapore Radio station Kiss 92 had told me ahead of time that they wouldn’t actually be AIRING their interview with Hugo until 6pm local time (5am EST)… could’ve saved myself these past two hours of miserable American pop music. I hope Singapore’s home-grown artists are better than the stuff they import from us. 😉 But I will try to embed or link to that interview once it’s available.

Here’s the Youtube embed of the (overdubbed) Yule Sohu interview:

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