More Hugo Weaving Pics & Video Links: Cloud Atlas Beijing Premiere; Hugo to attend AACTA Awards

Note: this is an archived entry. Some links might not still work, but I have tried to ensure scan and video embeds are still in place. If any linked material is unavailable, please let me know and I’ll attempt to find a copy in my personal archives.

Images from the Cloud Atlas premiere and press junket in Beijing, China keep pouring in… I have at least fifty new ones to share, and there might be more before I'm finished. Unfortunately, I missed Hugo's Singapore (Kiss 92) radio interview last night due to a combination of fatigue and mistaken information I really should have double-checked: the reporter who conducted the interview is featured on TWO Singapore radio stations, and only linked to one of them from his personal blog… turns out that was the WRONG one. I found this out a mere 20 minutes too late, having spend several hours listening to the wrong station stream American pop music so bad it could be labeled a form of "extraordinary rendition." 😉  I hope some of you fact-checked this one better than I did, and I'm very sorry to everyone I gave the wrong link. I feel terrible about this, and hope I'm granted a reprieve in the form of the station re-airing or posting the recording of the interview.

Embeddable video of the Beijing premiere remains in short supply; this version of the red carpet photo call appeared on YouTube, but Hugo's interview was inexplicably exised; you can see the complete version, with comments from Hugo, Zhou Xun, the Wachowskis, Tom Tykwer and Zhu Zhu at; they also have a 30 minute interview with the directors. (I shared the link to their Hugo Weaving interview yesterday, but here it is again– more than worth a second look, as is Phoenix Entertainment's ( Hugo's revealed some snippets about his background and interests that I'd never heard before in these interviews, in addition to promoting Cloud Atlas and sharing tales from the set.

I'd better start posting those photos, because there are a lot of 'em. Thanks particularly to my friend Yvette for her assistance in searching Chinese microblogging sites and social networks for some great fan photos. Trying to read Chinese press articles via translator sites can induce apoplexy in short order, making me extraordinarily grateful for all my bilingual and multilingual friends in the Hugo fandom.  

Hugo Weaving with Lana and Andy Wachowski and Chinese TV presenter Charles Zhang;  Photo:

The 22 January premiere screening; Photo: Zhang Mo/China Daily

Cloud Atlas Chinese promo poster; Photo: (plus next three images)

news.MTime,com (plus next photo)

21CN (plus next four)


CNTV (plus next four)

Thanks to Lyrids MC for sharing the next ten photos of Hugo interacting with fans, from Chinese social networking sites (additional credits on photos):

China Daily/Zhang Mo (plus next photo) (plus next two)

Was Andy Wachowski a ballet dancer in a previous life? 😉

If anyone has video of the film introduction interviews, I'd love to see it! (plus next two photos; they also have a brief red carpet video review)

Straits Times/AFP (plus next photo)


Image China via xin, (plus next photo)

Hugo behind the scenes at an ent 163 TV interview; Photo: Ent 163 (plus next seven)

No, I haven't found video for this interview yet, but I'm looking. 😉

Also not sure what's up with the stuffed animals. (Yesterday Hugo posed with a fox… is that an octopus?) I assume they're mascots of some sort, possibly of the various TV stations, but can only guess.)

Apologies for any duplications; in some cases I'm trying to provide larger versions of images previously shared, but I now have over 150 images from those two days in my archives, many with minute differences. That's why the fan photos are so special.

There's an additional, minute and a half long, edited red carpet video at Taiba Baidu. You can read articles (English-language) about the film's censorship controversy at The Herald Sun and South China Morning Post.  I'd love to hear from a fan who's seen both cuts and can describe exactly what was edited out; there aren't 40 full minutes of graphic sex or violence in the director's cut. 😉 Popcorn Addict joins the ranks of those condemning the film's American awards snubs.    

In other Hugo Weaving News, Hugo is scheduled to appear at next week's AACTA Awards in Sydney (January 30), though he isn't scheduled to present and isn't nominated this year. (He won Best Supporting Actor at last year's AACTAs, which he was unable to attend.) I hope clips or photos of the event are eventually posted, because there's never an international telecast of the full show, and only in recent years have excerpts/highlight reels been posted. I have been able to obtain (fan-made) DVDs of past AFI and IF ceremonies, but my sources for those have lately dried up… fortunately I do have footage of the 2005 events when Hugo won for Little Fish. (See my YouTube account). At any rate, you can read more at The Daily Telegraph and ArtsHub. Russell Crowe is scheduled to host, and Geoffrey Rush and Cate Blanchett are listed as presenters.

There's a nice review by jimmygils of Hugo's film Last Ride here— it can now be streamed via Netflix in addition to rented (or you can just buy a few copies like I did.) "…Everyone remembers Hugo Weaving as cool shades Agent Smith from the Matrix Trilogy, however I will remember him from this performance.  If you want to fill 90 minutes of your life with a drama adventure, check this movie out." My kinda guy. 😉

I'm running on my third day in a row of very little sleep, so I'm going to grab a little down-time before psychosis sets in… I hope we haven't seen the end of Beijing photos and videos yet, because this has been quite a rush. 


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