Hugo Weaving AACTAs Photos, Beijing Cloud Atlas Coverage

Note: this is an archived entry. Some links might not still work, but I have tried to ensure scan and video embeds are still in place. If any linked material is unavailable, please let me know and I’ll attempt to find a copy in my personal archives.

Hugo Weaving did indeed put in an appearance at the 2013 AACTA Awards (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards), and we already have photos, so without further ado…

Hugo Weaving arrives at the 2013 AACTA Awards in Sydney   Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage via Getty Images

AACTAs Instagram via Twitter

That's all so far, but probably just the beginning; according to the AACTAs Twitter feed, Hugo co-presented the evening's first award with Rebecca Gibney, an actress best known for TV roles in Australia, including Halifax FP, which Hugo guest-starred on in the mid-1990s. (The episode was entitled "Isn't It Romantic?" And yes, I've seen it. Several years ago there was a DVD bundling episodes of the series featuring guest shots by famous leading men, who also included Guy Pearce and Hugh Jackman. Gibney currently stars on the popular Australian series Packed to the Rafters. Oddly, the awards show isn't telecast live, but edited and broadcast later in the same evening, so the Twitter feed is currently in no-spoilers mode. (We already know Hugo isn't in the running for anything, because he had no Australian films released in the past year. He did win Best Supporting Actor last year for his performance in Oranges and Sunshine, but was unable to attend the ceremony at the time.

While we're waiting for additional AACTAs news or pics, I'm going to post all of the Beijing Cloud Atlas Premiere pics from Getty Images that have appeared since the first batch. (I posted their images of the January 21 press conference–they're the last 8 images in this entry— but not of the subsequent premiere and TV interviews the following day. I do, however, recognize some of these images from various Chinese websites, so some might be "repeats"… but they're well worth another look, aren't they?

Hugo does press for Cloud Atlas in Beijing, 22 January 2013. Photo: AFP via Getty Images

The film premiere/introduction   Photo: ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images (plus next two)

The Beijing Cloud Atlas Red Carpet

Photo: TPG via Getty Images

Yvette (who has been so helpful she should probably be listed as our official Beijing/Australia Correspondent) ๐Ÿ˜‰  has completed her translation of the second of three Weibo fan reports of the Cloud Atlas premiere event; I'll include both the original (including photos) and translation below the cut. Apologies for some errors on my part in the previous entry; I posted all three reports in Chinese but only one English translation. No worries… all will eventually be posted properly. I've been under the weather for several days with laryngitis and a respiratory tract ailment, so I was probably foggy from cold meds. Nonetheless I'm sorry if I caused any confusion, and again offer profoundest thanks to Yvette for her efforts to and the fans who shared their experiences.

Credit:   @้ฉฌไปฒ่›‹(


"By the time I heard the news that Cloud Atlas was coming to promote in China, I did not expect Mr Hugo Weaving would show up at all, because in my memory, he is not very enthusiastic about those kind of promoting stuff as compared to other actors. Therefore, when my friends and I got confirmed that Hugo did come to Beijing accompanying the directors, we rushed to the red carpet as fast as we could. And we were told the premiere was scheduled to be held inside a shopping/entertainment mall, which means at least it wouldn't be too cold :), since Beijing was bloody freezing that day. Thus, the last excuse was clear. I knew if I couldn't make it this time, I probably never would have the chance to meet him again >__< Then I went back home trying to find out something proper for him to sign, if possible. The LOTR DVD set/poster with Cate Blanchett's and Sir Ian McKellen's signatures was not in my Beijing home, and the playbill of Uncle Vanya was also left in my New York home…At last, I dug out a booklet of the LOTR trilogy I bought years ago when travelling in Australia ๐Ÿ™‚

The red carpet was floored from an escalator in the mall, all the way along the corridor, to the front door of the cinema. Perhaps we arrived too early, there weren't many fans/journalists around the red carpet by then. Just when I was answering a call, my friend shouted: Hugo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I quickly turned my head and saw the beard, alone, walked onto the escalator…Hugo was obviously a little scared all of a sudden, looked around trying to find where's the shout came from. My friend and I waved hardly to him and finally he saw us, showed us a sincere smile and then went on. Just at that moment, my heart almost stopped for a second!!!!!!!! Apparently, some people in the mall walked passed by were frightened by our shout as well. Our apologies~sorry guys…Guess he was to get some rest before the premiere ๐Ÿ™‚

After a while, actors/actresses/director and other showbiz people started to appear on the red carpet. Zhou Xun was almost the last to come, approximately in the last 10 minutes. Truly kneel down to her fans, so excited, so many, so strong……………………………..So when they were around Zhou Xun, we tried to get Hugo come over.
To be honest, I did't expect to have any close interactions with him at all. Last time I went to see Uncle Vanya in New York, that night he escaped from the front door. So to me, it's been happy enough just looking at him in 10 meters away, never thought he could come to chat with you or anything like that…The fact that he walked at the very end of the crew and frowned a bit, made me think he maybe not in good mood today.

But, we still tried!!! and it worked!!!! Hugo saw us and did come over, I quickly handed him my LOTR booklet. My voice must sound so weird since I was too thrilled!!!!!!!! I told him I went to see your Uncle Vanya twice last summer in New York, Hugo looked so very much surprised and then smiled warmer and warmer, replied: Oh, did you? Do you like it? ๐Ÿ™‚ I told him how much I loved the play, for him was the entire reason I went to see the show. And I also told him it's a pity I didn't catch him at the stage door. Hugo seemed a bit sorry and then said: well, you caught me here ๐Ÿ™‚ Then I went completely frozen and speechless!!!!! He was so incredible sexy, with his velvet voice and deep blue eyes, my mind just went blank at all. I was sooooooooooooooo touched by, that as the directors and other actresses kept walking, he still willing to stay for more seconds, quietly listening to me talking about Uncle Vanya, seemed no rush at all. Later I felt a little regretted that I forgot to tell him I loved his funny dancing on stage, and how much I loved him in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Hugo wrote his name very carefully when signing on my booklet, did he think otherwise I could't recognize his signature? ๐Ÿ™‚ Heard he was better at interacting with fans in NYC than at home, I felt he was even more considerate for fans in Beijing than in NYC. I then asked "May I have a photo with you?" Hugo nodded without hesitation, said "Sure!". I was over the moon!!!!!! since all these signing and photo were far beyond my expectation!!! Many thanks to my friends, who took several pics for me. Here's one I appreciated in particular, although it's been very blurring, I loved it very much! Hugo was smiling all the time and put his arm around my shoulder!!!!!!!!!! I was soooo happy that I could stand this close by him. Then I felt sorry for keeping him so long time, I thanked him sincerely again. As he moved on, I saw other fans on the other side of the red carpet screaming, Hugo was quite patient with everybody!!! And OMG, the sight of his tall and straight back was just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

Before he walked into cinema, he was asked to wear the black 3D glasses (guess was the request of sponsers and medias) and posed by the door. Can you ever believe anyone could turn to Agent Smith right in front of you in one second????????? For a moment, you could hear nothing but the scream from everywhere…We even forgot to take photos of him posed with glasses….

It was a surreal night, at least for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I looooooove his smile, looooooove every single wrinkle around his beautiful eyes!!!!!!!!

Suddenly, Beijing was not a stranger to me as I to her. I love Beijing, love my home, too."

Hugo Weaving fangirls… we come from many nations, cultures and backgrounds, but I think every one of us recognizes those feelings. Some things are universal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yes, it was challenging catching Hugo at the stage door in New York last July, because he often ducked out a secret, second door in order to dodge flocks of autograph sellers (none of whom cared about Uncle Vanya) who wanted him to sign stacks of 8 x 10 glossies of Agent Smith for them to sell on eBay. These idiots and the ever-present paparazzi created an oppressive atmosphere for both real fans and the actors. Hugo was much more open and friendly with fans in Washington DC the year before and at BAM in 2006, and I hope that if STC returns to the US, they're treated with more respect. Maybe they'll just have to avoid Manhattan– I don't know. But I feel terrible thinking people came from as far as China and missed their stage door experience because professional stalkers made it such an unpleasant place. (Cate Blanchett literally couldn't leave her hotel without photographers dogging her every step.) But I'm glad that this particular fan got a second chance. Hugo really is extraordinarily modest and generous with fans most of the time, but is uncomfortable with the trappings of "celebrity".    

The AACTAs not-so-live telecast has now officially started, so I'll be following online coverage to see if any more pics appear… Hugo did present the evening's first award. The film favored to sweep this year is The Sapphires, which is about a 1960s singing group featuring women from an Aboriginal background. 

I'll add updates as they appear, and again thank everyone who contributed to tonight's entry. 

UPDATE: Another lovely photo from tonight's AACTA Awards ceremony:

Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

 It's too bad Hugo couldn't have presented awards to Richard Roxburgh (who Best TV Actor for Rake) or Last Ride director Glendyn Ivin (who won for his recent series Puberty Blues)…

Photo: Dallas Kilponen/Sydney Morning Herald

Richard Roxburgh with his new AACTA   Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage

Photo: Craig Greenhill/Herald Sun

For additional AACTAs coverage, go to Brisbane Times (photo gallery), Big Pond News, The Herald Sun and The Australian.

For Australian Cloud Atlas coverage (including a new behind the scenes video), go to There's also an enthusiastic new review at Mark Battistella Films.

I'll update tomorrow with any additional photos or footage (technically, later today. Sometimes when I'm "on Australia time" updating, I forget I've technically pulled an all-nighter.) ;)… Hugo doesn't seem to have walked the red carpet, and only briefly stopped for photographers. But he's given us more than enough lately, so we can hardly complain.


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