Hugo Weaving at the AACTAs; More Cloud Atlas Beijing Coverage

Note: this is an archived entry. Some links might not still work, but I have tried to ensure scan and video embeds are still in place. If any linked material is unavailable, please let me know and I’ll attempt to find a copy in my personal archives.

New photos from both last week's AACTA Awards in Sydney and last month's Beijing premiere (and press junket) for Cloud Atlas continue to turn up, so without further ado I'll post the latest material. Most photos will be under cuts for size reasons (ie they're nice 'n big.) 😉

I did finally turn up that elusive Chinese TV interview so many photos alluded to (including the one below)… it was well worth the extra digging, as it's 30 glorious minutes long and features Hugo discussing a wide variety of topics, including the film and his larger career. Sorry I can't embed, but click on the link. It's well worth the time. And if you missed Hugo's other Chinese TV interview (mentioned in earlier posts) here are those links again:,, (overdubbed into Chinese). There's also a text transcript of a Hugo Weaving interview at, and an in-depth interview featuring Hugo, the Wachowskis, Zhou Xun and Tom Tykwer at (text again, with some great photos.)

Hugo Weaving being interviewed by

Here are some additional photos from the Cloud Atlas premiere in Beijing and related press events this past January 21-22: (plus next photo) (plus next seven photos)

Other Cloud Atlas News: There's a selection of brief videos about the premiere at here, here and here. Contact Music reports that the film was slated to open at #1 in China despite competition from the latest James Bond film. Screen Crush posted a brief piece on Hugo's Cloud Atlas characters. The Daily Mail (UK) features a brief interview with Hugh Grant about the film. And Global Times features a detailed analysis of what was cut from the edited version of Cloud Atlas screened in China, written by a reporter who's seen both versions.  There's a thoughtful, in-depth review of the film at (李小飞). and some genius has created a line of designer teas inspired by Cloud Atlas characters (including Hugo's old Georgie) at Adagio Teas. How they know Lapsang Souchong is my favorite? 😉

Jim Stugess Online and Hi Def Digest are reporting that the US DVD/BluRay for the film has been delayed until roughly June. (No official release date had ever been announced, but many sites ran with the news that there would be a mid-January release based on a calendar listing at the Warner's site… that's been deceptive/incomplete before (remember the erroneous Hobbit Expanded Edition listing?) and no site had listed a DVD for sale or pre-sale, nor was there a press release detailing what the DVD might include… so this "delay" isn't really surprising under the circumstances, especially since the film has yet to open in some major markets.)

Speaking of Cloud Atlas openings, the UK premiere is slated for 18 February UKFilmPremieres (via Twitter) has announced that the guest list includes Jim Broadbent, Jim Sturgess, James D'Arcy, Ben Whishaw and Hugh Grant… in other words, the British cast members. Hugo will probably be busy working on Healing for director Craig Monahan at the time; he noted that filming begins "in February" during Chinese press interviews for Cloud Atlas, so he might be working on that as I write this, though there's been no official word yet. I like the way that the film's massive cast has "tag teamed" all these international premieres. The film needs this sort of coverage and word of mouth.  

Several amazing new pics from the AACTA Awards have also been posted online over the past week:

WENN via MSN Online

Best Image/Pure People

Behind The Talent via Twitter

Renee Mitchell (@neizee via Twitter)

Hugo Weaving and Drew Pearson   Photo: Drewskew via Flickr

Hugo Weaving and Priscilla producer Al Clark   Photo: Jim Lee/The Star via Facebook

Martin Sacks, Essie Davis and Hugo Weaving            Photo: Jim Lee/The Star via Facebook

Hugo Weaving, Jack Thompson and Damian Walshe-Howling    Photo: Belinda Rolland/The Star via Facebook

Hugo Weaving and Rebecca Gibney present an award during the telecast   Photo: The Star via Facebook

No, alas, none of Network Ten's footage of Hugo at the ceremony has made its way online. Most of the official AACTAs clips on YouTube are of award winners speaking in the press room AFTER their wins. I hope some actual footage from the ceremony shows up soon. Yvette has promised some video of the red carpet as soon as she has time, but no official journalists have managed to post any. To be fair, Hugo doesn't appear to have given any press interviews that evening, and didn't linger on the red carpet.

Here's an enlarged version of one of the Getty photos:

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images via IMDb

In Other Hugo News: The Australian features a brief preview (and great photo) of STC's production of Waitig For Godot, which will star Hugo Weaving and Richard Roxburgh next November in Sydney. And this Terence Stamp interview from The Daily Mail features an amusing anecdote about the filming of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.


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