Hugo Weaving Attends Mystery Road World Premiere, Sydney Film Festival

Note: this is an archived entry. Some links might not still work, but I have tried to ensure scan and video embeds are still in place. If any linked material is unavailable, please let me know and I’ll attempt to find a copy in my personal archives.

The premiere screening of Mystery Road is officially underway in Sydney. The Red Carpet event began at 7pm local time (don’t ask what time it is here…) but pics have been slow to trickle in so far. Hugo is definitely on hand, and I’ll post images as soon as they roll in…

Here we go: the first photos are from the Sydney Film Festival Twitter Feed. They’re all very large, so check under the cut. 😉

Looks like Hugo is trying out the Key Man ‘stache for The Mule. 😉 Hope some of these media reports are posted soon…

Aaron Pedersen and Ivan Sen greet the media

Sen and Pedersen enjoy their limo ride to the theatre   Photo: Blackfella Films via Twitter

Pedersen, Weaving and Sen face the photographers   Photo: Djuro Sen (Ivan’s brother) via Twitter

Photo: Tracey Sen via Twitter

Hugo walks the red carpet   Photo: Cardinal Spin via Twitter

Hugo with actor/singer Alif Satar (and Katrina!)    Photo: Chee Yeong, via Twitter

Photo: Natalie Chapman via Twitter

I’ve been live-tweeting the premiere (well, mostly live-retweeting accounts from those lucky enough to be on hand)for about an hour now… it’s no Cloud Atlas. But I think this cast probably prefers that, and it’s much easier for me to handle. 😉 The full haul of tweets should be posted to my personal LJ later today. Since the film has officially started, there might be a lull for a couple of hours before we get our first responses. I don’t know if I’ll hold out that long (having pulled an all-nighter) but I’ll add whatever I find as soon as possible. It’s actually very good that there are NO reviews yet… anything posted while the film is still screening is usually a negative review from someone who’s walked out in a huff, or isn’t paying proper attention.  No photos posted to any of the international photo sites yet (SFF tends to be ignored by them unless Hollywood celebrities show up), but I’ll keep you posted.

The second batch of photos come from inside the theatre, where director Ivan Sen, actor Aaron Pedersen and Festival Director Nashen Moodley introduced the film before the screening started. The full cast then took to the stage:

Aaron Pedersen, Ivan Sen and Nashen Moodley introduce the film  Photo: Alice Tynan via Twitter

The cast and crew onstage (Hugo is fifth from right).   Photo: Alice Tynan via Twitter

Photo: Milli Howson via Twitter

Photo: Miriam Corowa via Twitter

Photo: Andrew Taylor via Twitter

I will look for sharper press photos, but I always enjoy the “fan’s eye view” shots and accounts: they give you a much better idea of what the atmosphere is like inside the theater. According to some in the audience, Sen likened the film to a campfire tale, inviting the audience to “gather ’round” and share the experience with the cast and crew.

More to come!

STOP Presses… we have our first press photos… yes they’re watermarked, but there are some great shots of Hugo here:

Hugo Weaving on the red carpet  Photo: Richard Milnes, via Demotix (also next 10)

L to R include Aaron Pedersen, Hugo Weaving, Ivan Sen (unfortunately, site doesn’t name everyone in photos.)

That’s Jack Thompson in front of Hugo

I think Hugo’s had enough of the photos 😉

Jack Thompson (in front of Hugo), Ivan Sen and Nashen Moodley head for the theatre

I kinda like the scruffy look. 😉

I’ll see if I can clean those up when I have more time… but they’re great photos.


Aaron Pedersen, Hugo Weaving, Ivan Sen  Photo: Steve Christo/AP/BTA

Next 4 Photos: AP

Hugo, Ivan Sen, Jack Thompson, director Damien Walsh Howling

Wait… here’s a larger version of that one:

Photo: Steve Christo/AP/BTA

Hugo mingles with the opening night crowd

Photo: Steve Christo/AP

I’ll move on to the next entry as soon as the first reviews start appearing, and will add any additional images and news reports that turn up. Hope everyone else is having as much fun with these as I am. 😉


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