More Mystery Road Premiere Photos, First Reviews/Responses, High Res Hugo Weaving Photos

Note: this is an archived entry. Some links might not still work, but I have tried to ensure scan and video embeds are still in place. If any linked material is unavailable, please let me know and I’ll attempt to find a copy in my personal archives.

While we’re awaiting the first reviews and audience responses to the premiere screening of Mystery Road, I thought I’d share our Sydney Correspondent Yvette’s red carpet photos (and she’s promising more!) 😉 She was unable to get tickets for the screening but was on hand for the Red Carpet. As usual, there were obstructions in place for anyone without a ticket (and the road in front of the cinema as NOT closed off, leading to traffic challenges) but she got some wonderful shots nonetheless:

All four photos: Yvette ()

Hey! Isn’t that Richard Roxburgh?

Hugo Weaving and Ivan Sen  Photo: Archipunkture via Instagram

We’re starting to get he first audience responses via Twitter too:

Mystery road was stunning. Aaron peaderson was incredible

Blown away by Mystery Road at the Sydney Film Fest. Powerful narrative & message plus a stunning performance by Aaron Pedersen. Mesmerising

Strongly recommend Ivan Sen’s Mystery Road. Heart in mouth more or less throughout. Aaron Pedersen superb. Strong message but no preaching

Deb SmithDeb Smith@derbisha7m

mystery road brilliant intense film new take on gun fights

Awesome evening out at theatre watching world premiere of for opening night of

Just saw the premiere of Ivan Sen’s Mystery Road at It really was an ‘infecting & affecting campfire’ of a film. Fantastic.

A man rides around the same block over & over. Each time he learns more about the land, more about himself. MYSTERY ROAD works.

, the Blues have won one over the Maroons but, I find myself wanting to go to visit rural Queensland

I shall let the reviewer for Variety share his views Ivan Sen is a stunning filmmaker. Tarkovskian moments.

Hugo Weaving has a brooding menace+charm in which just continues to confirm him as such a great actor. Small perfect moments.

: Mystery Road is Australia’s answer to No Country for Old Men. An amazing start to ” INTERESTING!

I’m still mulling over MYSTERY ROAD. A stoic slow burn with a superb cast to be sure.

I’ll share longer reviews from critics/bloggers in the next post… I’m running on fumes and will have to get a few hours’ sleep first. 😉

And Sydney area photographer Eva Rinaldi has posted some gorgeous large photos to her Flickr account. (Fans will remember her photos from the Oranges and Sunshine premiere a couple of years ago.)

Next 5 photos: Paul Cush, via Flickr:

And our patience is rewarded! Here are several more pics from Yvette and her friend of the red carpet festivities:

Why, yes, that IS Richard Roxburgh!

The next five pics are by  Caroline McCredie/Getty Images via Zimbio:


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