The Turning premieres at Melbourne Int’l Film Fest; New Hugo Weaving pics

Note: this is an archived entry. Some links might not still work, but I have tried to ensure scan and video embeds are still in place. If any linked material is unavailable, please let me know and I'll attempt to find a copy in my personal archives.

While we await the first images from tonight's MIFF Centerpiece Gala premiere of Tim Winton's The Turning, there's already one new Hugo image to share, from his promotional visit to 774 ABC Melbourne yesterday afternoon. Alas, there was very little advance notice for the interview, so I missed the live broadcast. ABC is usually very generous about sharing taped interviews (and the station does have a video page…) so we'll have to hope they eventually post audio or video on their webpage or Facebook page. If any other fans out there managed to record the interview, please let us know! (Rather astonishingly, Elisa at Random Scribblings seems to have missed it too– usually if one of us doesn't catch something, the other does, but in this case, the station seems to have announced the interview literally as Hugo was walking into the studio.) Since this is Hugo's first interview promoting this film, I'm particularly curious about it;  I hope he'll give a few others in the hours to come.

Hugo Weaving with ABC Melbourne radio presenter Rafael Epstein Photo: ABC Radio Melbourne, via Twitter

Hugo is due to attend the red carpet premiere of The Turning, which is now underway; I'll start posting photos as soon as they appear. While we're waiting, I'll post some new links with details on the film's Cinefest Oz screening. Hugo isn't scheduled to attend that premiere, but since Mystery Road and The Turning (and a slate of other intriguing Australian and international films) are both on the festival's schedule, fans in West Australia will definitely want to check it out. You can read more at Yahoo News Australia and Cinefest Oz's website.  Mystery Road costar and screen legend Jack Thompson is on the guest list, and David Wenham and producer Robert Connolly will be on hand to discuss their film in a post-screening event; Wenham is also a festival patron, so his fans should get the kind of mileage out of that festival that Hugo fans got out of the Sydney Film Festival.

Here's the print version of the Weekend Australian's preview of The Turning, featuring interviews with producer Robert Connolly, author Tim Winton, David Wenham and some of the other directors who worked on the project (and some film stills, including the one of Hugo by the campfire.

We're getting our first images of Hugo on the red carpet:

"Hugo Weaving sneaks in a quick interview before the screening" Photo: MIFF Official Twitter feed

"Hugo and other celebs (ie us) at Tim Winton's The Turning at MIFF"  Photo: Troy Hunter via Twitter

So Hugo is doing some video interviews… as always, I'll share anything I find as it gets posted. A lot of live-tweeters are impressed by the free ice cream, water and printed programs being handed out…

Photo: Eleanor Colla via Twitter                               Photo: Style Voyeur via Facebook

And yes, some of the actors are posing with the ice cream. 😉 So far not Hugo, but he's probably too busy fielding questions from reporters.

Photo: Liliana Sanelli, via Twitter/Instagram

Before things get too crazy, I'm going to put a cut here…

The cast and directors introduce the film.  Photo: Film Victoria, via Twitter

"The #incomparable #Aussiefilm #legend #HugoWeaving at the #worldpremiere of #TimWinton #theturning"  Photo" Antony Young (@theradar) via Twitter/Instagram

"perfecteventsoz me with the amazing Aussie actor & superstar #hugoweaving #miff … 💝My job." Photo: Liliana Sanelli via Twitter/Instagram

The film seems to be underway now, and since it's three hours long there'll be a bit of a wait for initial reactions. So far there haven't been any press photos of the red carpet posted online, but that'll probably change in the hours to come. I'm going to have to make accommodations for work and sleep at some point 😉 but will post updates whenever possible.

It's interesting (though not surprising) to note that Hugo's growing his beard again… since he had only the mustache at SFF and his recent public appearances, this might be a hint that he's completed his role in The Mule. And pretty much confirms he hasn't shot any new scenes for The Hobbit recently. But beyond that, I dare not speculate. 😉 Maybe he'll update us on some of these projects in his interviews for The Turning. (But then again, he didn't during any of the SFF/Mystery Road publicity… wouldn't blame him after reporters took some of his comments out of context and created that obnoxious internet "controversy" last year…)

We're getting our first press photos… and some very nice ones too!

Photo:  Graham Denholm/Getty Images via Zimbio

Photo:  Graham Denholm/Getty Images via Zimbio (plus next 2)

I'll update with additional photos (and video, ideally) when they become available. And I'm very curious to hear more about the film…

UPDATE: We have our first comments from Hugo about his character in The Turning, and working with David Wenham, courtesy AAP/Local Today: 'Weaving plays Vic Lang's father, Bob Lang, in Commission, directed by David Wenham. In Commission, Vic searches for his father to tell him that Carol, Vic's mother, is dying"Bob [Lang] has been a cop, he's been an alcoholic, he's abandoned his family, he's gone bush, he has been away from them for 15 years," Weaving says. It is the first time Weaving has worked with Wenham as a director. "He was completely chilled about the camera, he was on top of everything, but he was more concerned what he had to say to us." '

Unfortunately, a prior commitment kept Wenham from attending the premiere. The AAP article also includes comments from Tim Winton, Rob Connolly and Mia Wasikowska, who directed one of the segments.

Photo: Joe Castro/AAP (plus next 4)

Photo: Style Voyeur via Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
"Hugo Weaving is lovely!! Massive Matrix fan girl moment last night at The Turning Gala! He said he'd tell Carrie Ann Moss I had the Trinity doll still in its box unopened since I was 12 -next time he sees her haha. I complimented him on his incredible voice. He said I wasn't the 'usual' Matrix fan haha. Having a selfie with him was my mission last night & I did it haha. Shame it's so dark. Oh well, what a guy! ‪#‎hugoweaving‬ ‪#‎thematrix‬ ‪#‎trinity‬ ‪#‎memorabilia‬ ‪#‎fan‬ ‪#‎famous‬ ‪#‎aussie‬ ‪#‎actor‬ @MIFFOfficial ‪#‎miff‬ ‪#‎melbourne‬ ‪#‎melbournelyfe‬ ‪#‎mission‬ ‪#‎accomplished‬"

I'd have to agree she isn't your typical Matrix fan… most typical Matrix fans don't know The Turning exists (let alone putting in the effort to attend the premiere), and too many don't know that most of Hugo's films are actually Australian indies in which he plays human beings. 😉  Don't know that Hugo hangs out with Carrie Ann Moss that much, but he did meet up with Keanu Reeves in China last year, so it's possible they all keep in touch. She's been in several great (and criminally underseen) movies since The Matrix films and costarred on the short-lived CBS series Vegas last year.  Fan photos with Hugo rarely turn out perfectly because nerves are such a factor. Or because one's boyfriend says something completely inappropriate while snapping the photo (not that I know anything about that, heh heh…) But they have a special energy to them that glossy press photos often lack.


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