More Photos, Video from The Turning Premiere, Mystery Road Pics, Hugo Weaving at The Local’s Opening

There’s suddenly a ton of new material today, so I’ll just skip the preliminaries and get posting:

The Turning

We finally have a red carpet video (courtesy FilmsMadman) with comments from Hugo from last Saturday’s MIFF premiere of The Turning! His interview starts at the 2.00 mark, but the full video features interviews with the film’s directors and response from audience members, so it’s well worth watching in full. (and it’s less than 3 minutes long…)

Hugo Weaving: “I love Tim [Winton]’s work so much… To see it with Tim, and sitting next to him… it was fantastic. It’s a real gem, I think.”

Hugo was also quoted briefly by entertainment reporter Donna Demaio at the radio station 3AW 693 Newstalk‘s website, earning their Quote of the Week for this comment on the film: “Time’s right to do things a little bit differently. Keep thinking outside the box.”

And there are two new photos of Hugo at the premiere, including a unique shot of him in the audience:

Both Photos: Dean Walliss, via Weekend Notes

Also, two new, positive reviews:

Luke Buckmaster, Cinetology

“…Anthology films are by definition dramatically inconsistent works, so the first major surprise is the tonal consistency between each chapterAnthology films are by definition dramatically inconsistent works, so the first major surprise is the tonal consistency between each chapter
. There are some with no dialogue, some with lots of dialogue, some marked by visual restraint and others by visual extravagance. They seem to come together through a kind of beautiful osmosis, the strength of Winton’s writing presumably (I haven’t read the book) fundamental in keeping the different bits part of a congruous package…. The temptation is to name the sections you liked most and the ones you liked least. Whatever the outcome, you’ll exit the cinema with a blizzard of evocative images swirling around your mind…

The Turning is a film of unwavering grace and purpose, an experience for which critics apply well-worn words such as ‘inspiring’ and ‘unforgettable’ — and, for the record, it is both. Robert Connolly has produced a marquee art picture so grand and aspirational our industry simply cannot accommodate it…. The Turning — a spectacular achievement in dramatic Australian storytelling — carries with it hope its title may take on a double meaning. That its attempt to bring great art to general audiences will mark some kind of turning point. To paraphrase Howard Hawks: there are 18 good scenes, no bad ones.”

Katy Holliday, Weekend Notes:

“The Turning is a mesmerising, shocking, suspenseful and quirky film collage of short stories. Although it runs for a lengthy three hours it’s fairly seamless and you won’t want to miss a beat…. Certainly, acquiring a phenomenal cast of Australian actors has helped Connolly’s vision. Big names such as Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Rose Byrne, Miranda Otto, Richard Roxburgh and Callan Mulvey lined up to work on the project. I found the acting to be unflinching, hard-hitting and effortless from the entire cast.

Mia Wasikowska and David Wenham wowed the audience with their directorial debuts…. Tied together through themes, motifs and a common language, these short films create a wide range of emotions for the viewer – they tell a poignant story caressed by our prolific Australian landscape. This was an ambitious project, yet it worked. The more you think about this film in the days after, the gaps begin to fill and the story unravels. It certainly warrants second, if not third, viewings. Overall, The Turning is a thought-provoking, dramatic film. The literary influences of Tim Winton’s story-telling has been translated and communed in a distinct and different way.”

Mystery Road

Screen Australia shared three amazing new promo images of Hugo and his Mystery Road law enforcement costars in their Facebook gallery:

L to R: Aaron Pedersen, Tony Barry, Hugo Weaving and ? (Sorry, no tags on original photos)

Pedersen and Weaving

Out & About

Finally, Hugo put in an appearance August 7 at the opening of a new pub called The Local at Castlereagh St in Sydney. The establishment is co-owned by old pals (and frequent collaborators) Sam Neill and David Wenham. Hugo and David posed for a photo, and Sam Neill shared a photo of all the owners (and their significant others) on Twitter. Daily Telegraph’s coverage is below the cut.

I’m still trying to find a higher-res/online version of the image; so far the article has only appeared in print editions.

Holy Crap! Stop the presses! AAP has uploaded TEN beautiful new portraits of Hugo, taken by photographer Dan Himbrechts:

Best part is, he’s definitely wearing a clip-on microphone in some of these, so the fun might just be starting. Hugo’s probably taping some promotional interviews for The Turning to coincide with its special release in Australia September 26. More as soon as it becomes available!


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