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Two New Hugo Weaving Interviews Promoting The Turning; More on STC’s Season Launch & Macbeth

STC's Macbeth

Strangely, no images from the Sydney premiere of The Turning seem to have been posted online, suggesting perhaps that there wasn't a large press presence at the event. But coverage of The Turning, and of Sydney Theatre Company's fantastic 2014 season plans have exploded; seems a lot of people worldwide really want to see Hugo Weaving play Macbeth. This might be a cue for STC to finally take up the notion of filming or simulcasting productions. Yes, touring should also be an option (even for productions that don't feature Cate Blanchett) 😉 but the uniqueness of STC's production, including an inverted theatrical staging, might be lost in other venues. Filming/simulcasting would give fans worldwide the opportunity to share in the experience and would give all of those curious about STC's theaters who can't always afford Australian vacations the opportunity to see what Australian fans have been raving about for so many years. The Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre and New York's Metropolitan Opera broaden their audiences and bring in added revenue through global simulcasting. I know it's not the same as seeing the plays in person, and I want to see Hugo play Macbeth perhaps more than I've wanted to see any other play in my life… but not every production can tour, and those that do can't reach all the fans who want to see them. So again I'll beg the STC… please film and simulcast this. And I'll keep going to see any productions you bring to the US.

You can read more about the STC's 2014 Season (which also includes the tantalizing prospects of Richard Roxburgh as Cyrano de Bergerac and Bryan Brown in David Williamson's Travelling North) at The Brisbane Times, The Australian (which erroneously suggests Hugo will play Hamlet instead of Macbeth… well, he did  once play Gertrude) ;), Theatre People, Time Out Sydney, Broadsheet,  and The Guardian. Thew STC has already posted a starter page for Macbeth, including a downloadable high-res portrait of Hugo (a larger version of the image below, featured in the 2014 season programme.)

I'll post the print versions of The Sydney Morning Herald and Daily Telegraph's articles about STC's 2014 season below a cut:

STC posted a nice selection of photos from the launch event to their Facebook page, including this one of Hugo with Andrew Upton:

If you'd like slightly larger versions of the threeGetty/Zimbio photos I posted in the previous entry (or high-res pics of Cate Blanchett at the same event) you can find them at Just Jared.

Tim Winton's The Turning

As amazing as all the Macbeth news has been recently, there's been even more on Tim Winton's The Turning, despite the lack of premiere night pics. (To be fair, the film's world premiere at the Melbourne International Film Fest was lavishly covered at the time.) Hugo and several of the film's directors have been taking on a lot of the promotional duties for the film. Hugo and producer Robert Connolly sat for audio interviews with ABC Radio on the program Final Cut; you can stream or download the audio here. There's also a complimentary review of the film (and some audio of Hugo's role). In addition to The Turning, Hugo discusses his widely variant career, why he seeks out challenge and why he favors independent Australian productions above all.

Hugo also gave an interview to Sunday Telegraph's Sunday Style magazine which covered even broader territory, including his family's performing arts tradition, the possibilities of directing just as his pal David Wenham has, and why he'd choose Tick in Priscilla as the role he'd most like to revisit. (Something I mused about here not too long go, amusingly. Though I suggested the three reunite over the passing of Bob, Bernadette's companion, which would allow for a nice tribute to the late Bill Hunter.) Though Hugo has done new photo sessions recently, they opted to use a 2010 pic (a very nice one, granted) taken at STC's Wharf Theatre to accompany the piece. That's right below the cut, as is Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum's cover piece on The Turning, which features a David Wenham interview and a great new pic of Hugo and David on the set.

So we might see Hugo Weaving direct David Weham in a compendium piece at some point. I'm certainly up for that, and it's always great to have assistance from Wenham's fan community in finding material. 😉  The digital version of the Spectrum preview is available at WA Today (without as many pictures), but so far the Sunday Style has only appeared in print editions. So we still don't know who Hugo did the AAP photo session for… meaning there's likely more to come as the film's release date approaches. Note: if anyone has the iPad app noted at the end of the Sunday Style which unlocks exclusive interview content, please let me know. I don't have the budget to join The Apple Cult, and am always infuriated when content is made exclusive to the select few like this. If I buy a newspaper, I shouldn't have to pay additional fees or have expensive technology to read a complete piece.

Mystery Road

Not as much new news on this film, as Hugo's been busy on other projects, but Ivan Sen's TIFF interview has been posted online by the Toronto Star/Red Carpet Diaries. All three TIFF screenings of Mystery Road sold out and there's (yet unconfirmed) buzz that the film will play a few US festivals after its visits to Busan and the London Film Festival. I'll share any news that becomes official.