Hugo Weaving & Glendyn Ivin to Re-Team on One Foot Wrong, New Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Trailer

I don’t have time for an elaborate entry at present, but did want to pass on some exciting news about Hugo’s next film role: he’ll be re-teaming with director Glendyn Ivin for One Foot Wrong, according to Inside Film. The film, based on a novel by Sofie Laguna (there’s a synopsis and some reviews here) is about a child abused and isolated from the world by her parents, and how she adjusts and eventually changes this situation. Though the script  was written by Greg Maclean (who will also executive produce), best known for the serial killer film Wolf Creek, this probably isn’t a rote horror film, but a psychological thriller along the lines of Terry Gilliam’s Tideland, which it sounds somewhat similar to. (That film sharply divided audiences, with some calling it the worst film of its year… but I liked it, and it’s gathered a little cult following.) Hugo’s been cast as the girl’s father, which doesn’t sound like the most complex of roles, certainly nothing like his character in Last Ride, who was abusive but obviously loved his son. And let him out of the house. Since Glendyn Ivin is attached as director, I’m still very optimistic… a lot will depend (as it did in Last Ride) on who’s cast as the child at the heart of the story. Ivin seems to have a gift for finding promising newcomers and directing children, which might be how he landed this gig.

As some of you may remember, Ivin confirmed a future collaboration with Hugo during a Live-Tweet event when Last Ride was broadcast on SBS (in Australia) back in June (you can read my coverage here… I’m the one who asked the question.) 😉 Back then he couldn’t reveal too many details, but now we finally know a few basics. Though the genre is a departure from Last Ride, the theme of child endangerment and how a child might cope with dangerous parents is still present. It’ll be interesting to see how Ivin chooses to approach this. The novel, like Last Ride, is a first-person narrative from a child’s perspective. Ivin pared down that story and gave it a visual, evocative and objective essence while maintaining the focus on Chook. One Foot Wrong sounds much more claustrophobic and interior.  Though Inside Film doesn’t give any production dates or specifics, the project will begin after Ivin completes work on an ambitious miniseries about Gallipoli… so we might have a bit of a wait.  I’m assuming filming will take place in Australia, as the novel is by an Australian writer, but IF doesn’t specify. I hope Hugo’s character is more nuanced than the novel’s descriptions make him sound… I get weary of seeing him typecast as monsters.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

As most of you probably already know, the official full-length trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug debuted yesterday on Peter Jackson’s Facebook page and was quickly crossposted all over the web shortly thereafter. I’ll embed the YouTube version below.

I’m still concerned that Hugo won’t appear in this film at all, as Elrond hasn’t made a single appearance in the promotion, and wasn’t in this part of the story in the novel. (The emphasis in Smaug moves from the Rivendell Elves (and Galadriel) to those of Mirkwood, including Lee Pace’s haughty Thranduil, Orlando Bloom’s Legolas and Evangeline Lillly’s Tauriel.) Despite promises from Peter Jackson that Tauriel wasn’t in the story just to serve as a Legolas love interest… the trailer hints rather depressingly that he’s gone back on his word. When will directors and writers figure out that female viewers– well, the smart ones, anyhow–  don’t need clumsy romance plots shoehorned into every narrative to go see a film? Apart from this unpleasant development, though, the film looks good, possibly more excitingly paced than its predecessor. And we finally get a good look at Bard the Bowman and a listen to Smaug. You can view Stephen Fry’s witty introduction for the new trailer at Bring The Noise UK.

Tim Winton’s The Turning

The Turning made impressive box office in its first week of Australian release, with the highest per-screen average of any film in current release there. (The film is only showing in 16 cinemas in its “special release” period, so it isn’t competing with films in general release.) You can read details at Inside Film, and Impulse Gamer.  Hugo’s older brother Simon wrote an interesting review of the film for Canberra Times. You can read other new reviews at  Sydney Arts Guide, An Adventure In Film, Popcorn Junkie, Graffiti With Punctuation (different review than the one previously excerpted here), Broadsheet Melbourne, On The Record, Catholic Leader, Jim Belshaw and Sam McCosh/Letterbox DVD.

And we finally have a picture of Hugo Weaving, Robert Connolly and David Wenham at the 11 September Turning Premiere, courtesy the Hayden Orpheum’s Event Archive:

Thanks to the David Wenham Fansite for tweeting info about this. 😉

Mystery Road

Beyond Cinema posted a lengthy chat with Ivan Sen and Aaron Pedersen taped at the Toronto International Film Fest. Well worth a look once you get past the asinine first question. 😉

And, in addition to festival screenings in London, Korea, Dubai and Toronto, Mystery Road will be showcased at the Hamptons Film Festival in New York (Long Island) on October 13 and 14. meaning it’s finally come to a location close enough for me to see it. 😉 I also saw Oranges and Sunshine at the Hamptons Film Fest in 2011, which was such an enjoyable experience that I’d been hoping this festival would book Mystery Road; I’m delighted that they read my mind on this. And that I won’t have to wait until next year (and count on the vagaries of international distribution) to see this film. 😉

Mystery Road’s official website has also been augmented with some new downloadable goodies, including this photo:

And there’s a well-written reviews of the film at Electric Sheep.

Before I close I have to thank my boyfriend for his forbearance as I took time to compose this. I try to have rules about not engaging in fandom activities while he’s here, but the new casting news made me break my rule, and he’s been wonderfully patient about this.

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