Mystery Road Promotion Including New Hugo Weaving Interview; The Turning Special Release Extended

Mystery Road

With Ivan Sen’s film opening wide in Australia on October 17 and playing festivals worldwide this week and through the rest of October, promotion has kicked into high gear, with a series of new print and web previews.  The most interesting of these to Hugo Weaving fans will probably be an interview run in the Brisbane Courier-Mail on October 11 featuring Hugo’s thoughts on the film (his first “Western”), as well as some interesting comments on his latest non-acting preoccupations. The piece also includes an interview with Ivan Sen. Sen and lead actor Aaron Pedersen have handled most of the promotional duties for the film, appearing at many film festivals and Australian preview screenings. I’ll include The Age’s preview of the film featuring Sen and Pedersen’s comments below the cut along with the Hugo Weaving Courier-Mail interview. (WordPress readers: Right-click on articles, then click on “Open In A New Tab/Window” for full-sized version)

Somehow, I suspect the denim uniform was the LEAST challenging aspect of Hugo’s preparation for Mystery Road. 😉 And I wonder if he’ll develop a sideline in artisanal honey the way Sam Neill has wine….

Aaron Pedersen and Ivan Sen have also given extended radio interviews to 2Ser 107.3 and News Talk 4BC 1116. Producer David Jowsey, meanwhile, was interviewed by ABC Brisbane. Online previews and interviews with Sen and Pedersen are available at The Sydney Morning Herald, Local Today/AAP,, and Ipswich Queensland Times. Flickering Myth‘s making-of piece is perhaps the most comprehensive, but should include a spoiler warning in its discussion of Mystery Road’s filmic inspirations and how these pertain to Hugo Weaving’s character.

Tony Barry (center) and Hugo Weaving in Mystery Road

Coverage of the film’s Winton premiere (a return to its filming location): North West Star, Brisvaani Radio, News24 AUS, ABC Online News and ABC Queensland (an interesting slideshow of Ivan Sen’s tour of filming sites along with premiere coverage).

And the film’s Facebook Page featured a unique tribute to some of the actors from the Winton premiere:

Hugo Weaving as Johnno in Mystery Road (all screencaps taken from promo videos in this entry)

The latest batch of positive and/or well-written reviews for Mystery Road may be read at Flickering Myth, I Heart The TalkiesAt The Movies/ABC (includes video with new film scenes including one with Hugo at 3.07 in ), Aboriginal Art Direct, Adelaide Journal, Toeslayer’s Movie Reviews, A-List Reviews, Perth City Nights, CineVue, Glam Adelaide, The Sydney Morning Herald and Vice.

Mystery Road is currently being showcased at the London Film Festival, where its Thrill Gala premiere was held on October 10 to largely positive reviews. (There’s an additional screening October 19). Next up: An impressive selection of US film festivals including The Hamptons Film Festival (October 13, 14), Philadelphia Film Festival (October 20, 24), Hawaii International Film Festival (October 12 and 17) and Austin Film Festival (October 29). Click on the links for ticket information. I’m attending the October 14 Hamptons Film Fest screening and will post my review afterward: very excited to be seeing one of Hugo’s Australian films the same week Australians are able to instead of waiting the usual six months to three years. 😉

Aaron Pedersen in Mystery Road (finally, a look at the Chinese restaurant scene referenced by locals on Facebook during filming.) 😉

Several intriguing new promotional videos for Mystery Road have appeared in the past week; although none features a Hugo Weaving interview, I’ll embed as many as I can here, because they feature new film footage and comments from Ivan Sen, Aaron Pedersen and David Jowsey.

FilmInk:  Aaron Pedersen on Making Mystery Road

The Guardian: Aaron Pedersen interview

David Jowsey on Casting Mystery Road (via Sydney Film Festival/YouTube)

Ivan Sen on Relating to Detective Jay Swan in Mystery Road (via Sydney Film Festival/YouTube)

European Premiere/LFF Interview with Jack Thompson (via PremiereScene/YouTube)

Aaron Pedersen: The Story of Jay Swan (via Sydney Film Festival/YouTube)

Ivan Sen on casting Ryan Kwanten  (via Sydney Film Festival)

SBS Films promo clip (SBS/NITV News), Winton premiere, Footage of Sydney Film Fest incl Hugo

Tim Winton’s The Turning

The Special Australian Release of The Turning has proved popular enough to extend to additional theaters and showings, notes Inside Film.  Tickets for these are available at the film’s official website.

Positive reviews also keep pouring in. The latest can be read at When The Soup Runs Out,, Dave Cornford, and Graffiti With Punctuation.

I was able to obtain a promotional flyer for the film recently (alas, for Australian screenings only); my scans are beneath the cut.

Waiting For Godot

Some sad news to report on STC’s forthcoming production of Beckett’s Waiting For Godot, which will star Hugo Weaving as Vladmir and Richard Roxburgh as Estragon: director Tamas Ascher, who first teamed with these actors on STC’s exquisite 2010-12 production of Uncle Vanya, recently suffered a back injury which has forced him to turn over directing of the play to Andrew Upton, STC’s artistic director (and able adapter of many STC productions, including Vanya and 2004’s Hedda Gabler). The production will move ahead as scheduled despite the setback; the actors are already rehearsing. For more info, check out The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, What’s On in Sydney,  and Stage Whispers.  Meanwhile, I’ll join the chorus of those wishing Ascher a speedy recovery, and hope Upton is consulting with him from a distance. 😉


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