Waiting For Godot Preview with new Hugo Weaving Interview; New Hobbit Expanded Edition Scenes

I don’t have time for an extended entry today, but wanted to pass along a great new print-media interview and preview for Sydney Theatre Company’s Waiting For Godot starring Hugo Weaving and Richard Roxburgh, which begins performances next month at the Sydney Theatre. Daily Telegraph published an interview with all four cast members (the other two being Luke Mullins and Philip Quast) and some amazing new photos as part of their Godot cover story (in their Best Weeked section) on October 26. The full article plus a newspaper ad for Tim Winton’s The Turning are all under the cut:

Hardcore Ringers are probably already up on the details of the lavish new Expanded Edition package for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, but I thought I’d cross-post some of the Elrond sequences which have begun appearing online. The DVD/Blu-Ray comes out on November 5; given my experience preferring the extended cuts of Lord of the Rings to the choppy theatrical versions, I’d been holding out for this one. Turns out my suspicions were correct, and a great deal of Rivendell footage was edited from the initial release of AUJ. Though I agree that the film was too long even in edited form, I’d have much rather seen these scenes that the repetitive battle sequences against too-similar CG foes. It’s also a bit frustrating that the filmmakers keep using Hugo’s name to sell these films, but chopping so many of his scenes out of the theatrical versions of the films. (I’d also like a straight answer on whether or not Elrond actually appears in The Desolation of Smaug– I’ll see the film regardless, but I keep seeing Hugo’s name duly repeated in cast lists with no evidence of him in any promotional footage or tie-ins.) It would make narrative sense that Elrond isn’t in this part of the story and returns in the final installment, but I hope there’s some sort of cameo, at least, in DOS.  But I think it’s safe to assume that most of Elrond’s scenes were in the first film.

Anyhow, CNN debuted a scene featuring Elrond and Gandalf debating the wisdom of Thorin’s quest as Bilbo and Thiorin eavesdrop; TheOneRing.net posted their standard, thorough coverage of the AUJ:EE package, including a detailed rundown of all the deleted scenes.

These are the Elrond-centric scenes which are currently on YouTube: I have no idea how long they’ll remain up, so catch a glimpse while you can! (Note to Warner Bros: Don’t worry. We’re all going to buy these DVDs/Blu-Rays. Don’t be so stingy about these fan sneak-previews. You already have collected tons of our money and will soon have more.)

Rivendell Dinner Scene (Nioma Oakenshield, via YouTube)

Elrond and Lindir discuss their guests in Elvish; Elrond and Gandalf debate Thorin’s quest; Gratuitous Dwarf Nudity (Nioma Oakenshield, via YouTube)

And here’s the lovely scene featuring Elrond and Bilbo that most of you have already seen:

A longer version of this scene, featuring Bilbo exploring Rivendell, is posted here; this version bridges to the Elvish chat sequence and Dwarf bathing scene. There’s also a brief exchange between Saruman and Gandalf about the fate of the Ring of Power and the “lesser rings”  (as Galadriel and Elrond look on) here; this was edited from the “conference” scene featuring these four characters in the theatrical cut.

Also in Hobbit news:  On November 4 there will be a “live global event” from four different cities–Los Angeles, New York, London and Wellington, NZ– simulcast on YouTube. Peter Jackson will participate, “to show exclusive footage from the new film and answer questions in front of a live audience, as well as offer a few surprises.” TORN has info on how to get tickets to any of the four site-specific events, and there are also details at World News Views. The live simlulcast begins 4 November at 5pm ET, 2pm PT, 10pm GMT; here’s a full time zone conversion chart (courtest TORN, again) if you’re in a different location.


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