Hugo Weaving Cover Story/Interview Promoting Waiting For Godot

Hot off the presses (so to speak), here’s the new Sun-Herald Unwind magazine cover story on Hugo Weaving and Sydney Theatre Company’s forthcoming production of Waiting For Godot, costarring Richard Roxburgh. The online version, featuring a different portrait image (below), can be seen hereThe Daily Telegraph posted Roxburgh’s take on the play.

Hugo Weaving, Sun-Herald portrait by James Brickwood. (Note the T-shirt promoting The Mule) 😉

I did try to cut/paste the central portrait together; I know the results aren’t perfect, because some of the original image was apparently cropped out in order to spread the image over two pages. Ideally a digital version of the original will appear at some point.

Goodies from the Extended Edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey also continue to appear online. Below is a delightful glimpse of Hugo Weaving in costume fittings (and having fun with Sir Ian McKellen) on set in 2011. Since Hugo himself shares my suspicions that Elrond won’t appear in The Desolation of Smaug (he also confirms that he wasn’t part of this year’s pick-up shoots– see above article), this might have to tide us over until 2014.

Source: Nelyo via YouTube/Frequency

I will try to post a more extensive entry when I have more time; coincidentally, I’m heading into New York City tomorrow to see the Ian McKellen/Patrick Stewart version of Godot. Would love the opportunity to compare it to Weaving and Roxburgh’s take one day, though I know that might be a long shot. But I’ll try to compile all the less-critical material I’ve let slip through the cracks (ie Mystery Road reviews, The Turning’s New Zealand opening) once I get back and am caught up from (paid) work.


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