Waiting For Godot Ends Sydney Run Amid Rumors of Int’l 2015 Tour; The Turning Headed For Berlinale

The Sydney Theatre Production of Beckett’s Waiting For Godot ended its run on December 21, but not before our tireless Australian correspondent Yvette got in another past-performance meeting with the actors, which yielded another lovely bunch of pics (which I’ll include below) and a tantalizing suggestion that this might not be the final performance after all. I should first issue the caveat that everything I’m about to say has yet to be announced or confirmed by any official sources, and is very much still in the planning stages. But similar rumors about STC productions of Hedda Gabler and Uncle Vanya turned out to be true, and Yvette has proved herself a very reliable source who’s had unprecedented access. 😉

So… according to Yvette, STC is planning a possible 2015 tour for this production of Waiting For Godot. Unlike earlier engagements for Hedda Gabler, A Streetcar Named Desire, Uncle Vanya, Riflemind and Gross Und Klein, which played only one or two US and European cities apiece (and no production went to both the US and Europe) this tour would be truly international, and might include Asia for the first time. Yvette noted London, Boston, Washington DC, Dublin and Hong Kong. No venues or specifics are available, as it’s at least a year away. (As you already know, Hugo has at least one– possibly two– films to shoot in 2014, a production of Macbeth for the STC, and at least 3 films to possibly promote (The Healing, The Mule and the final Hobbit film). This could turn into 4 or 5 if he’s part of the international promotion for The Turning and Mystery Road.  (He’s also mentioned in some interviews (including one in The Australian) that he’s taking a month off to visit Sicily  mid-year, which might make him unavailable for some of this.). No details for any of these events are official, but it promises to be another exciting couple of years on the Hugo fandom front.

With that thrilling possibility in mind, here are Yvette’s final batch of post-Godot visit photos of Hugo Weaving and Richard Roxburgh. For now, anyhow. I suspect if this production tours she’ll turn up in some of those cities. 😉 STC has also posted a full gallery of Lisa Tomasetti’s production photos to their Facebook page in case you missed any.

Richard Roxburgh, looking downright rakish. No pun intended. 😉

Sydney Theatre Awards

Hugo Weaving and Richard Roxburgh were both nominated for Best Lead Actor by the Sydney Theatre Awards, while their costars Philip Quast and Luke Mullins pulled off joint Supporting Actor nods. Most people who’ve seen the production would probably suggest the voters find a way to declare ties in both categories, as the success of any production of Godot so depends on the mutual strength of all four actors (and the utter co-dependence of the two sets of characters.) 😉 Andrew Upton was also nominated for his direction of the production. In what has been a banner year for Sydney-area theatre, Cate Blanchett was nominated for her role in The Maids and someone named Harry Greenwood was nominated for Best Newcomer, for The Fury. The awards will be presented on January 20.

More details at the awards’ home page, Limelight, Aussie Theatre, Playbill and The Sydney Morning Herald.

The last batch of reviews of STC’s Godot can be read at Revolt and Queer Planet.

New Article Scans

I’ve received one of the Australian print materials deliveries I was waiting for, which included a batch of press clippings from Sydney-area newspapers for the past couple of months… this has given me an opportunity to make better-quality scans of some recent reviews and interviews, and include some articles I hadn’t been able to buy digital versions of before. There will be more (including production notes for the 2011 US release of Oranges and Sunshine, which only arrived today) as I find the free time to scan them, but here’s a first batch, ranging from a Hugo Weaving interview promoting Mystery Road from October to reviews of Godot. Also, a piece on how the Australian film industry is trying to adjust to the public’s infuriating desire to spend their money on expensive, formulaic Hollywood product rather than often higher-quality homegrown films, which notes The Turning’s successful “special release” as a possible alternative distribution model.

WordPress readers: right-click on images, click on “open in a new tab” for full-size versions

Daily Telegraph 16 October 2013

Daily Telegraph 19 November

Sydney Morning Herald 18 November

Sydney Morning Herald 2 December 2013

Inner West Courier, 17 December

Tim Winton’s The Turning

Speaking of The Turning, it will finally have its international premiere in a prestigious showcase: next February’s Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale), where it will be shown out of competition as a Special Presentation, with specific dates and times TBA.  No announcements have been made as to whether Hugo, Cate Blanchett or any other cast members will attend to promote the film. Hugo did attend the Berlinale in 2006 to promote V for Vendetta, and attended premieres for The Turning in Melbourne (at MIFF) and Sydney (at a lower-key event with his director, David Wenham.) So it’s certainly possible he might support the film’s international release if it doesn’t conflict with the shooting schedule for Strangerland… or any of his other numerous commitments. 😉 (Since Hugo is notoriously disinterested in the commercial side of filmmaking and on record as hating most red carpet events, he could as easily opt out, but this is the sort of film he might make an exception for. We’ll have to wait and see.) nyhow, you can read more details on the festival in The Australian, Screen Australia, Screen Daily, HitFix and The Hollywood Reporter.

In Other Hugo News

Del Kathryn Barton’s portrait of Hugo Weaving was included in Blouin Artinfo’s list of the Top 10 Most Memorable Australian Artworks of 2013.

Once and Future Hugo Weaving director Glendyn Ivin includes two Hugo Weaving films (Proof and his own Last Ride) in a recent list of his favorite Australian films on his always-entertaining blog Hoaxville. Still no further details on Ivin and Weaving’s next project, One Foot Wrong, as of yet.

Peter Jackson posted the final The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Production Diary, which deals mainly with the film’s score,  few days ago. No Hugo footage in that one, but as always, it’s interesting on its own merits. And Elrond will definitely return for the series’ final installment next year.

I wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season… I look forward to sharing further Hugo News updates with you in 2014. (And will try to have my annual Hugo Weaving Calendar posted before then, along with some new scans.) Thanks to all of you!


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