Hugo Weaving 2014 Calendar; Oranges & Sunshine Press Kit With Cast Interviews

No hot breaking news items to report, I’m afraid; it being year’s end and still the post-Christmas Holiday Season, everyone (including myself) has been more focused on family/friends time, taking a break and, when that is impossible, getting the deadline year’s-end projects taken care of. 😉 So far there’s been no official word on an international tour for STC’s Waiting For Godot but I’ll keep you posted. Hugo Weaving’s films Mystery Road and The Turning have made appearances in several Best of 2013 compilation lists in the Australian media, as has Godot.

2014 will feature the filming of Strangerland and, possibly, One Foot Wrong, and the release of Healing, The Mule and the final installment of The Hobbit trilogy, There and Back Again. There should also be wider international releases for Tim Winton’s The Turning (which will be featured in next February’s Berlinale) and Mystery Road. Hugo will return to STC this spring (well, technically, autumn in Australia) to play Macbeth. He might make his first public appearances of the new year at January’s AACTA Awards, where he’s up for Best Actor (The Turning) or the Sydney Theatre Awards, where the full cast of Godot is nominated– but then again, he might just as easily not, as he hates competing against other actors, and walking red carpets. We’ll have to see if his instinct to avoid celebrity hoopla– or his instinct to help promote local industries he loves– wins out.

I’m posting right now to ensure my 2014 Hugo Weaving calendar is up before the new year technically begins. This time around I didn’t really have a theme and used a very simple template. The photos are some of my favorites from the past year, including stills from Mystery Road and The Turning, photos from Waiting For Godot and Hugo’s appearances at film festivals. I was limited to horizontal images by the template, but that was still a very easy requirement to fill. It’s all under the cut; I do print these out and use them as a real wall calendar each year.  But you should free to do whatever you like.

Though I’m still awaiting some packages which include articles for my Archive, I did recently receive the Production Notes for the 2011 US release of Oranges and Sunshine, which I’ve scanned and posted beginning here. (Note: click the LEFT arrow to scroll through subsequent pages. Also, each page is available in several sizes: right-click for full range.) The full set of notes is 19 pages long and features interviews with the three lead actors (Emily Watson, Hugo Weaving and David Wenham), director Jim Loach and most of the creative team. I’ll post the Hugo Weaving and David Wenham interviews below, but if you enjoyed the film, the full set is worth a look. I’ve been happy to note Oranges and Sunshine gradually building an audience outside of Australia and the UK (though there too, obviously) via cable TV screenings and DVD/streaming. Starz/Encore has the US cable rights and continues to schedule the film periodically; it’s also widely available on DVD, though subtitled versions remain a problem in some countries. (The US and UK issues don’t even feature subtitles in English for the hearing impaired, though you can get captioning if you watch the film on cable.)

That’s all for the moment. My thanks to all my readers, and best wishes for a peaceful and creatively fulfilling 2014. 🙂


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