The Turning Berlinale Press Conference (w/ Hugo Weaving, David Wenham); Hugo Dismisses Star Wars Rumors

Tim Winton’s The Turning was the subject of a brief (too brief, IMO) press conference this morning at the Berlinale; the first press photos are starting to appear, along with a few fan photos. Some online fans are slagging Hugo and the other participants for not stopping to pose for photos, but people should be aware that no photo call or red carpet was scheduled for this film, and that Berlinale’s event organizers seemed to be keeping everyone on a very tight leash.  I was able to record a limited amount of live video (including all of Weaving and Wenham’s answers– Hugo got two questions and David got maybe three) but am trusting Berlinale will have an official, professional-quality copy up shortly, once they get over oohing and aahing over Lars von Trier’s latest opus about sexual sadism. 😉

But first I might as well get those pics posted:

This and next 10 images: Athanasios Gioumpasis/Getty Images Europe via Zimbio

Hugo Weaving and David Wenham (center) with producer Robert Connolly (furthest right) and four of the film’s other directors (L to center:  Yaron Lifschitz, Jonathan auf der Heide, Shaun Gladwell, Rhys Graham)

Photo: Antonio Cuomo via Twitter/Instagram

Here are a few screencaps I was able to grab from the live feed:

(For additional fancaps, check out Yvette (LyridsMC)’s, Wenhamania and Random Scribblings’ Twitter feeds)
I’ll post links or an embed of the full press conference video once the Berlinale website/YouTube channel makes it available; hopefully Hugo Weaving and the Turning’s directors will do additional press interviews while at the festival; it would be a shame for them to have come so far for just a brief press conference.


UPDATE: Sorry, had to spend a few hours at work, then another hour fixing an audio issue on the computer. (Apparently all the screen recording overtaxed the poor thing…) No, Berlinale still hasn’t stopped gushing over Lars von Trier long enough to post the Turning press conference, but I have something just as good from Getty Videos. Hollywood Reporter and about a zillion fanboys will want to take note, as this concerns those Star Wars rumors:

He not only hasn’t heard the rumors and hasn’t auditioned or spoken to JJ Abrams… but he’s just not interested. Anyone who’s actually read Hugo’s in-depth interviews in the past few years shouldn’t really be surprised, but The Hollywood Reporter and about a zillion movie websites might wanna fact-check a bit more thoroughly in the future. And no, I don’t think he’s being coy either. Hugo doesn’t play games that way. If he was interested or in talks, he’d say something like “I don’t know, you’ll have to wait and see,” as he did when asked about The Hobbit through all those years of development hell (and premature rumors). Consolation prize, though: it appears David Wenham is ready to take on any of Hugo’s rejected cartoon-villain roles… so you fanboys can start painting old film stills of him blue-faced or in Imperial uniforms if you like. 😉

I’ve been somewhat confident in debunking these particular rumors because Hugo is scheduled to film Strangerland and then star in Macbeth when Abrams’ film allegedly rolls… but I really did need to hear it from the source to be certain, as Hugo never does what ANY fan expects 100% of the time. And, great as this is, I’d really love to see some “Turning interviews” that are actually about The Turning. Or about Healing. Or any film Hugo Weaving is actually in. 😉

Getty and Wire Image have five new post-press-conference pics (Hugo’s finally looking like he’s enjoying himself in them, now that the hard bit’s done)… I’ll wait a few hours and see if Zimbio won’t provide clean versions for inclusion here, but they’re worth looking at in any form if you’re impatient. I’m being called away on another late gig, but for some reason, I suddenly feel much better. 😉

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