More Pictures, Video of The Turning Press Conference & Gala Premiere At Berlinale

Sorry for the delay in getting some of this stuff up; I had to attend to some less riveting matters like work, sleep and other forms of personal maintenance.

We do finally have video of the FULL Berlinale press conference for Tim Winton’s The Turning, though only edited highlights were posted to YouTube. I’ll attempt an embed of both, but if only one appears, it’s because LJ is up to its usual tricks in not allowing non-YouTube embeds. But the full event was only around 24 minutes, with Hugo Weaving fielding only two questions (one about his character, Bob Lang, the other about the film’s continuity and scoring.) I hadn’t known this yesterday as I waited for the delayed press conference to begin, but the press were distracted by events at the preceding Berlinale event: I knew at the time it was for Lars von Trier’s latest controversy-engine, but this time Shia Le Boeuf’s ongoing attempts at career implosion out-controversied even von Trier. I’ve always thought artists should get attention for quality work and professional behavior, but all too often– even at prestigious fetivals– a tabloid atmosphere pervades, and serious, non-sensationalist work like The Turning gets short shrift.

So I guess that’s where us fans have to do all we can… here are those videos. ūüėČ

The full press conference (note: there is no audio during part of the film clip)

YouTube Press Conference “highlights”

PopSugar has posted four interesting supplemental clips featuring Weaving and Wenham: one features the Star Wars refutation from last night’s Getty clip (plus Hugo’s bemused resignation that he’ll probably be doing Hobbit films for the rest of his life) but the other four are refreshingly on-topic about The Turning. It’s great to see these two smiling and jibing with one another after the somewhat rushed, perfunctory press conference.

On David Wenham's directorial debut

Hugo, on working with David as a director

On the pleasures and challenges of The Turning's unusual structure

On The Turning's shooting schedule, how the pieces fit together

On "never leaving Middle Earth", not wanting to do Star Wars

Lots of new photos are turning up in the usual disorganised manner; oddly, none of the Berlinale social networking sites have given the film much attention, but the main website makes up for that with a lavish gallery of “star portraits” and event photos; the film’s Facebook page and several other media outlets have also come through, though only a couple of Getty’s pics of the premiere gala (as opposed to the press conference) have appeared without watermarks. A few others I might try and “adjust”, but some sites watermark photos so heavily that they basically ruin them (and make it nearly impossible to gauge if the photo is worth buying in the first place.)

Smashing ‘star portrait’ of Hugo from the Berlinale website gallery; Photo:¬†Gerhard Kassner / Berlinale

Hugo Weaving and David Wenham share a laugh at the gala premiere  Photo:Clemens Bilan/Getty Images

Hugo at the Turning gala premiere  Photo: Clemens Bilan/Getty Images

Hugo Weaving acknowledges audience at The Turning’s gala premiere 9 February ¬†Photo: The Turning’s Facebook page

The Turning’s cast and crew (well, a selection of them) at Berlinale¬†¬†Photo: The Turning’s Facebook page

Hugo and the directors introduced onstage at the premiere gala¬†¬†Photo: The Turning’s Facebook page

The February 9 press conference¬†¬†Photo: The Turning’s Facebook page

“No, honestly, people, I have no interest in being in the Star Wars movie. Can we please stay on topic?” ;P Seriously, though– Hugo discusses the film’s score and full effect
Photo: The Turning’s Facebook page

David Wenham signs autographs after the press conference¬†¬†Photo: The Turning’s Facebook page

Hugo signs for fans outside the venue for the gala premiere (debunking online detractor who said he didn’t)¬†¬†Photo: The Turning’s Facebook page

Hugo and David in the middle of an animated discussion with festival director Dieter Kosslick (Please tell me there’s video of this!) Photo: Berlinale Star Boulevard gallery

The cast and crew acknowledge audience while going to their seats at the gala premiere  Photo: Berlinale Star Boulevard gallery

The press conference L to R:  Yaron Lifschitz (Director), Jonathan auf der Heide (Director), Shaun Gladwell (Director), Rhys Graham (Director), Hugo Weaving (Actor), David Wenham (Director), Robert Connolly (Director, Producer);  Photo: Berlinale Star Boulevard gallery

David Wenham  Photo: Berlinale Star Boulevard gallery

Hugo Weaving  Photo: Berlinale Star Boulevard gallery

Producer Robert Connolly (Hugo in background)  Photo: Berlinale Star Boulevard gallery

Hugo Weaving and David Wenham at the premiere gala Photo: Clemens Bilan/Getty Images

Photo: Clemens Bilan/Getty Images

Photo: Clemens Bilan/Getty Images

Photo: Clemens Bilan/Getty Images

Hugo signs autographs at the Turning premiere gala  Photo (plus next three): JC/Splash News

Watch this space, as more photos will probably be added soon…

There are additional, more heavily watermarked (and smaller) images at AP and ImagesCollect. As usual, if anyone has clean copies of these, do let us know. ūüėČ My thanks to the usual lot of Hugo Weaving and David Wenham fans for sharing everything they’ve found.

Mystery Road, The Turning Receive More Awards Nominations

Hugo Weaving has another nomination for Best Supporting Actor, this time for his role in Mystery Road, from The Australian Film Critics Association. Mystery Road received additional nominations for Best Actor (Aaron Pedersen), Supporting Actress (Tasma Walton), Film, Director (Ivan Sen), ¬†Screenplay, and Cinematography (both Sen). The Turning was nominated for Best Film, Best Supporting Actress (Rose Byrne), Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography (various). The award winners will be announced 1 March. For more details and the full list of nominees, go to the AFCA’s website or FilmInk.


UPDATE: Craig Monahan’s film Healing has drawn another positive review after its Berlinale press screenings, this time from Variety. ¬†Here are excerpts:

“A group of conflicted men, prisoners and inmates discover the majesty of great birds ‚ÄĒ and through them, the cleansing power of redemption ‚ÄĒ in the deeply felt outdoor drama ‚ÄúHealing.‚ÄĚ The first film in a decade from director and co-writer Craig Monahan, whose 1998 psychological thriller ‘The Interview’ remains an uncommonly smart genre piece, this equally intelligent and satisfying item will prove therapeutic to distribs on the hunt for quality fare….

The film is inspired by the formation of the real-life alliance between the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary in the outback, northwest of Melbourne, and the state-run penal system Prisons Victoria….Into this facility comes Viktor Khadem (Don Hany, extraordinary), who, after 18 years behind bars for murder, has little understanding of the contemporary world and nothing to look forward to from his long-estranged Iranian family. Viktor is assigned to Matt Perry (Hugo Weaving), a committed officer with a fondness for rescuing Raptors and, like Viktor, weighty past issues of his own. On the suggestion of Healesville bird specialist Glynis (Jane Menelaus), Matt rams the rehabilitation program past his skeptical superiors and installs Viktor as supervisor….

It‚Äôs refreshing to see a film that takes its own sweet time building characters and the subtle conflicts simmering among them. Led by the familiar and bankable Weaving, the cast, under Monahan‚Äôs sure guidance, deftly underplays what could have been, in other hands, an awkward melodrama.” — Eddie Cockrell

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