Hugo Weaving Radio Interview Promoting Healing; Drawing Godot Exhibit Opening w/Richard Roxburgh

A couple of lovely surprises to share today: the first is a brand new nine-minute radio interview Hugo Weaving gave 720 ABC Perth. The second is a batch of photos our always-resourceful Sydney correspondent Yvette took at the opening of Nicholas Harding’s Drawing Godot exhibit in Sydney. Though both Harding and Weaving were unable to attend (and are possibly vacationing together with their families) Richard Roxburgh more than filled the void with insights, and witty anecdotes about Sydney Theatre Co’s production.


First that new radio interview; Hugo Weaving spoke over the phone with 720 ABC Perth’s John McGlue earlier today “about his movie Healing – and how we can all relate to it.” While most of the interview focused on the theme and working experience of making Healing, Hugo also mentioned his ten years working with, the Australian animal welfare organization, and noted his goals when reading scripts and choosing projects. (No surprise– he prefers working on any project he finds challenging, be it in theatre, independent film or mainstream (big budget) film, but most enjoys home-grown, human-centric projects like his current film.)

After some of the frustrations we’ve experienced with questionably edited interviews, or radio stations who opted not to re-air or offer podcast versions, it’s wonderful ABC has made this available via Soundcloud, which can be readily embedded at both LJ and WordPress.


Meanwhile, Don Hany gave a video to Jim Schembri via 3AW 693 NewsTalk (Craig Monahan also appears near the end) :

3AW Newstalk/Filmquote Compile via YouTube

Xavier Samuel is the latest actor highlighted in Pinnacle Films’ fine series of promotional/behind the scenes videos:

(Pinnacle Films Facebook)

HushHushBiz posted a selection of photos of Hany at the film’s 8 May Palace Cinemas (Adelaide) screening/Q&A.

And you can read the latest positive and/or thoughtfully-written reviews at A-List Reviews (“…a fine piece of Australian cinema”) and HushHushBiz (“…strong performances across the board and stunning cinematography”).

Healing continues to elicit mostly-positive reviews from both critics and audiences, but I’m saddened to read those audiences haven’t been as robust as they should be, according to Inside Film. I’m completely used to American viewers rushing out in droves to sophomoric Seth Rogen comedies and paint-by-numbers superhero flicks, but it’s depressing that audiences worldwide seem to want the same drivel. I really hope more people will give Healing a chance as positive word of mouth spreads.

Drawing Godot

But enough negativity: here are Yvette’s beautiful pics from the recent Drawing Godot opening at Olsen Irwin Galleries in Sydney. According to Yvette, “Rox’s warm and humorous speech touched everyone’s heart as always.”

WordPress readers: to see full-sized versions of the photos, right-click, then click “open in a new tab/window”.

All photos: Yvette ( @LyridsMC ) Sydney, 10 May 2014

Large, full-color works: watercolour and gouache on paper; All artwork 2013-4 © Nicholas Harding

Richard Roxburgh speaks at the exhibit opening

Again, my eternal thanks to Yvette for sharing these. Yes, Olsen Irwin and Harding have generously posted the full exhibit catalog online, but virtual versions of the images give no sense of scale, or how the exhibit looked in situ, which is really quite interesting. Also, we could all use a bit more Roxburgh in our lives. 😉 (By the way, US viewers can finally view the first two seasons of Rake– the real one, not that now-canceled American imposter– on Netflix.)

She also confirmed that an international tour of STC’s Godot still remains a possibility for next year, though I must stress NOTHING OFFICIAL has been announced. I do have a bad feeling that New York might be the least-likely city for a reprisal because the area is still basking in the warm glow of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart’s amazing Two Plays In Rep version… and Stewart and McKellen themselves had to wait four years to reprise their London-Sydney production because a rival Godot featuring Nathan Lane and Bill Irwin was staged in NYC in 2009.  Me, I’m not sure why we have to have waiting periods for this particular play when in any given year there are several competing Vanyas or Macbeths in the vicinity. I’d welcome the opportunity to watch the Weaving/Roxburgh Godot and the McKellen Stewart Godot back to back. I think great literature can stand a lot of re-interpretation. 😉

Speaking of the McKellen/Stewart Godot, the beloved UK series Theatreland, which covered the original London production of their Godot, is now available for streaming via Acorn TV and an NTSC DVD set will soon be available. Wish the STC production could be similarly immortalized so we fans could compare, contrast and just revel. 😉 It’s not an impossible dream– STC did commission the documentary film In The Company of Actors, which followed the progress of restaging Hedda Gabler in New York in 2006. A lot of us would also gladly fork over any disposable income for cinema simulcasts of just about any STC production. Wouldn’t that help with any of their financial shortfalls? 😉

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