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STC’s Macbeth Begins Rehearsals; Pre-Season Lunch Photos; Art of Music Fundraiser

STC’s Macbeth/Pre-Season Lunch

Apologies for the long delay in updating, but there hasn’t been much breaking news since the opening of Healing last month. Hugo took an extended break, which I thought was as good an excuse as any to attend to other aspects of my own life, though I’ve updated Twitter frequently with any info on film screenings (and I always love just chatting with other fans.) I’ve also archived additional older Hugonuts entries (now dating back to October 2013) at both the LiveJournal and WordPress locations, a process I’ll continue whenever I have extra time. I can’t promise that links in older entries will still work, but I usually have copies of all articles quoted/referenced in my personal archive somewhere, so just ask.

But there’s finally some new material to share. As STC shared via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: “Great to welcome the cast and crew of the Scottish play to The Wharf for their first day of rehearsals. Sydney has provided some very moody and gloomy weather for the occasion #wharfweather #STCMacbeth”

STC hasn’t shared any official rehearsal photos yet, but I’m sure they will soon. Meanwhile I have something that might be even better courtesy our Sydney Correspondent Yvette (@LyridsMC), who was lucky enough to attend a special Rehearsal Lunch for Macbeth where subscribers got to mingle with the actors, and Hugo participated in a Q&A about the play. Nothing about this has yet appeared in the press or online, so thanks to Yvette for sharing this with all of us.

Hugo Weaving at the STC Macbeth Pre-Season Luncheon, 16 June:

All photos by Yvette… and yes, that’s her gift Hugo is holding. Probably torn about ruining that impeccable wrapping job. 😉

Note: WordPress readers should right-click on photos, then click “open in a new tab/window” for full-sized versions

These last two originally appeared via Instagram

Of course I’m astonished at the sudden wealth of new pics, but the fact that they’re fan photos and that Hugo posed for them makes them that much more special. I also love the little glimpses of the Sydney Theatre Co, which give one a sense of being there, a privilege not always available to us international fans with limited budgets.  Fortunately STC does tour some productions, but the Wharf complex looks like a special part of the STC experience too.  Much as I’ve enjoyed “pilgrimages” to the Brooklyn Academy of Music or the Kennedy Center, neither have that unique atmosphere. (Though each has its own funky thang going). 😉 I hope I’m able to finally make it to Sydney one day, but until then, my heartfelt thanks to Yvette for these insights into the STC Experience.

Watch this space for ongoing STC Macbeth News as soon as it becomes available.

Meanwhile here’s another look at STC’s spiffin’ 2014 season bookmarks:

Art of Music Fundraiser

Hugo Weaving’s first public appearance since early May was on behalf of The Art of Music, a cause he’s long supported. Hugo put in an appearance at their semi-annual fundraiser this past 14 June. The event benefits the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy charity through the unique approach of auctioning off original artworks by noted Australian artists, each of which creates a work– inspired by a song by an Australian artist– specifically for the event. This year Hugo’s friend Nicholas Harding (who created this year’s Drawing Godot exhibit at Olsen Irwin Galleries) contributed a painting inspired by Nick Cave’s “Where The Wild Roses Grow”.  You can read more about Nordoff-Robbins and their music therapy outreach to children on their Facebook page, which also features images of this year’s featured artwork (and, in some cases, interviews with the artists). The group’s official website features this quote from Hugo Weaving: “One of the most inspiring and enjoyable nights of the year, Art of Music combines iconic musicians in full swing, celebrated artists and their latest works, great food, fine wine, terrific company, colourful MC’s and a bidding frenzy to rival Sotheby’s. Always impeccably organised, in a great venue, for a wonderful cause. AoM 2014 is in my diary.”

“Where The Wild Roses Grow” by Nicholas Harding (Inspired by the 1996 Nick Cave/Kylie Minogue murder ballad)

The press hasn’t published much coverage of this year’s event compared to years past, and only one photo featuring Hugo has turned up, though that will probably change when Art of Music posts its own photos of the evening.

Photo: Jennifer Polixenni Brankin/WireImage (also available at Getty Images)

Hugo doesn’t appear to have participated in the auction process as he did in 2011, when he took to the stage, as seen in these archive photos from Art of Music/Nordoff-Robbins’s Flickr account:

Paul Clarke, Nicholas Harding and Hugo Weaving, 8 November 2011

Hugo Weaving, Bryan Brown and Jonathan Biggins, 8 November 2011

That year Hugo also contributed a whopping $25K AU in winning the auction for a tiny, abstract sculpture by the artist Robert Klippel.  It’s unknown if he made a similar contribution this time around. 😉

In Other Hugo Weaving News

The Mule will open in Australia this coming October, according to Cinema Australia; a US “fall release” has also previously announced, though no specific dates or release modes are yet known. If the US distributor XLRator ends up sitting on the film instead of actually distributing it, the way Well Go USA has with Mystery Road… I’ll be on their case about it. 😉 But the early press announcements (via Twitch Film and other sites) strongly suggested an actual cinematic release.  It’s now typical for films with either an arthouse or “extreme/midnight showings” vibe to be simultaneously released to theatres in select US cities and VOD/streaming these days, and The Mule certainly fits both niches. When Angus Sampson and Leigh Whannell last mentioned the film in the media, they were hard at work on the film’s trailer, so that should be the next thing we see on this front. Possibly any day now.

Also in “possibly any day now” news, Peter Jackson has teased that the trailer for the final Hobbit installment The Battle of Five Armies is almost ready. has hinted footage already previewed at various conventions (including a shot of Elrond in armor that is virtual pornography to many fans) 😉 will be included and that the whole shebang should be debuting soon. (UPDATE: TORN is now clarifying that there have been some VFX-related delays in getting the trailer to theaters, but that the trailer MAY be ready by next month if not later THIS month… but they have no specific inside intel, so don’t hold them to any rumored dates. Very responsible of them, if you ask me.) 😉 And here’s TORN’s speculation on which previously-seen footage (from PJ’s Production Diaries, etc) might end up in the finished film. Again, this is all just fun speculation at this point.

Healing has closed in some Australian cities but opened in more widely-flung distribution in recent weeks: check out the film’s Facebook page for the current list. Healing also screened to generally positive notice at last month’s Seattle International Film Fest.

In other far-flung distribution news, Tim Winton’s The Turning is now screening in St Petersburg, Russia, while Mystery Road will be shown as part of the Australian Film Festival in several Israeli cities later this month (more info in The Jerusalem Post). Neither film has yet been distributed in the US, apart from a few festival screenings. 😉


Nordoff-Robbins/Art of Music has shared a lovely 50-photo gallery of its recent charity auction event via Facebook; here are their photos featuring Hugo Weaving:

Hugo Weaving and Katrina Greenwood Photo courtesy of Bob King — at Art Gallery of New South Wales via Art of Music Facebook

Photo: Isaac Leung/Art of Music Facebook

Photo: Isaac Leung/Art of Music Facebook