Hugo Weaving To Costar With Bruce Spence in Samuel Beckett’s Endgame For STC

Sydney Theatre Company just announced their 2015 schedule, and in typical form they’ve outdone themselves, casting Cate Blanchett, Richard Roxburgh and Geoffrey Rush in new productions of Shakespeare and Chekhov… but of particular interest to US is Hugo Weaving re-upping on Samuel Beckett (post-Waiting For Godot) in the darker quasi-sequel Endgame. This time he’ll costar with Bruce Spence rather than Roxburgh, who’ll be busy in a production of Chekhov’s The Present with Blanchett later in the season. (Exhausted yet? The only frustration is being on the wrong damn continent again, with no announcements of ANY plans to tour any of Hugo’s productions.) You can read more about Endgame on STC’s new page for the play. For the first time, Hugo will serve as associate director (and Andrew Upton will direct) in addition to starring. Sarah Peirse will also costar; the production is slated to run next 31 March through 9 May.  A lot of the same creative team from Macbeth and other STC past highlights will be returning to work behind the scenes.

At any rate, here’s new brand new 2015 season trailer, and some new publicity images of Hugo in Endgame.

Photos by James Green

Andrew Upton discussed all of the 2015 season plays with The Daily Review; here are his comments on Endgame:

“The Beckett experience is kind of unforgettable. It’s so profound, simple and difficult. Endgame has this terrible, inverse relationship to Godot. Godot is essentially a very warm human picture, but this is the darker underbelly of that. But it’s still funny.”

The new season is also covered on

Here’s the new Virtual Brochure; I’m hoping this year’s is easier to embed than last year’s. 😉

Here’s STC’s description of the play, from the website and brochure:

Just noticed that garbage can in the corner… it does play a role in the play, if I remember correctly (haven’t read it since college…) 😉

Tickets will initially be available only in season packages for existing subscribers, then for new subscribers (starting in October), with individual tickets going on sale December 1. Again, check out their 2015 Season Brochure and page for the play for more ticketing info.

Andrew Upton also spoke on his general duties as STC Artistic Director with ABC Radio.

STC live-tweeted the season announcement last night (this morning at 5.30am for me) and posted a series of photos featuring Andrew Upton… so far no indication Hugo Weaving was on hand as he has been in seasons past, but since he’s already ensconced in Macbeth at Sydney Theatre, it’s possible he did his bit for next season too… if any photos surface, I’ll of course post them. I’m sure this is just the first wave of press and publicity for what’s possibly STC’s most engrossing season yet. (Geoffrey Rush will star in King Lear on top of everything else… I’m begging you, STC, PLEASE SIMULCAST OR FILM THESE. I WOULD SEE THE WHOLE SEASON THAT WAY IF I COULD.) 😉 Again, so far the big disappointment in the lack of any international tour. there had been rumors Hugo and Richard Roxburgh might tour Godot early next year, and I suppose that’s not entirely precluded, but Endgame is relatively early in the season. A really canny tour could double up Endgame and Godot, the way Two Plays in Rep (starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen) so effectively teamed Godot with Pinter’s No Man’s Land on Broadway. Just a thought.  😉

Andrew Upton at the 4 Septeber 2015 Season announcement  Photo: STC Twitter/Instagram

I’ll update soon with any new press articles or photos about STC 2015, in addition to a more general update.

UPDATE: A new preview in The Age adds a few details: “Weaving plays the monstrous Hamm, who mercilessly bullies his son, Clov, while his old parents, Nagg and Nell, are kept in rubbish bins.

‘[Hugo] and I cooked this up,’ Upton said. ‘He’s actually acting as the associate director on this as well just to sort of talk through the design, casting . . .’

Upton said the play was a companion piece to Waiting for Godot, which Weaving performed with Roxburgh in 2013: ‘I feel like it’s the underbelly of Godot in a funny kind of way. It’s another relationship that’s both hilarious and tragic.'”

So I remembered correctly about the trashcan.  😉 Here are a few screencaps of Hugo from the trailer:


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