Hugo Weaving Attends Screening of The Mule in Melbourne + Pics, Reviews

The past couple of days have been very exciting yet frustrating… The Mule is on the verge of “opening” (mostly via streaming outlets) on a scale unprecedented for most of Hugo Weaving’s indie projects, and Hugo is directly involved in the last onslaught of publicity for the film, attending two preview screenings in Australia (Melbourne last night, Sydney tonight.) That’s the exciting part, of course. The frustration comes in a lack of access to certain material for overseas fans due to “exclusive” content restrictions. [Rant about said content restrictions deleted… turns out the article on The Mule in MX Melbourne consists of the photo and blurb below, so they tecnically had already shared the piece via Twitter. I’d thought there was a larger article but was mistaken, so… my bad.  Sorry.  And thanks to Cathy at MX Melbourne for helping clear this up.]

Anyhow, here’s the cover photo of that MX Melbourne piece:

Scan posted to MX Melbourne‘s Twitter account; original photo by Andrew Tauber

I do hope to see and share the rest eventually. Also hoping ABC TV will be kind enough to post video of their News Breakfast interview with Hugo Weaving and Angus Sampson which is going on as we speak. (Hope you Aussie fans are watching, at least…)

Back to the good news, though. The Melbourne screening of The Mule was a hit with the audience, several members of which posted Twitter and Instagram photos of the post-screening Q&A panel feturing Angus Sampson, Hugo Weaving and Noni Hazelhurst (who plays Ray’s (Sampson’s) mother in the film). Alas, no audio or video of the Q&A has been made available… yet. I’ll include original photographer’s captions with each photo… thanks to all of them for sharing.

“Angus, Hugo and Noni #themulemovie #seeit! ” Kirrin Sampson via Twitter

“@TheCamiloS wears a sweet silky vest in #themulemovie @themulemovie Go see him and #thevest” Eliza Russell via Twitter

“Screening and Q&A of #themule. Wonderful to see this independent, Australian, smart and funny film. #nonihazlehurst!!! #hugoweaving @dollydoctor” Rebecca Green via Twitter/Instagram
(Yes, @dollydoctor is Angus Sampson’s Instagram handle 😉 )

“THE MULE | hilarious, disturbing and thoughtful do yourself a favour and check out this aussie film – angus sampson, hugo weaving and noni hazlehurst at the melbourne premiere” Kode Group via Instagram

“Q&A with Hugo Weaving, Angus Sampson and Noni Hazlehurst #TheMule” Adrort via Instagram

BREAKING NEWS: Video of the Hugo Weaving/Angus Samoson News Breakfast interview is not (yet) available to international viewers, but there is some hope they’ll eventually cross-post it to their YouTube account. Meanwhile they did at least share this photo via Twitter:

L to R: Michael Rowland, Virginia Trioli, Angus Sampson and Hugo Weaving on ABC News Breakfast. Photo: News Breakfast via Twitter

Also, another lovely photo of Hugo Weaving and Angus Sampson just posted in The Australian. Curiously it was attached to a minor blurb about Sampson hosting an awards show, and said NOTHING about the film they’re promoting (!?)

Hugo Weaving and Angus Sampson in Melbourne yesterday. Photo: Andrew Tauber/News Corp

Here are a few tweets from viewers attending the Melbourne screening last night:

Next up should be a radio interview for Triple R Breakfasters, Sydney… I’ll share that when/if it’s posted. I am slightly more optimistic about getting my hands on a copy of MX Melbourne than I was when I started this post, too. (Thanks to the people running their Twitter account for replying to my questions.) 😉 Now if ABC’ll just post their new interview in a readily-embeddable format, my frustration might just melt away.

A completely different Hugo Weaving project, First Contact, continues to attract positive notice too; you can read a new interview with the series’ producer and some participants on Junkee.

More to come!


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