New STC Endgame Rehearsal Photos, Video

Sydney Theatre Company’s Endgame, Hugo Weaving and director Andrew Upton’s second go at Samuel Beckett in the past couple of years, premieres at the end of the month, but promotion of the engagement has already swung into high gear. STC’s Facebook page treated us to even more rehearsal photos than usual, a bit earlier than usual. Here are the 18 featuring Hugo, but there are a total of around 25 here, including some great shots of Bruce Spence in his garbage bin abode. All photos are by Lisa Tomasetti, continuing her tradition of amazing documentation of STC productions over many years.

Hugo Weaving and Tom Budge during a break in rehearsals

Hugo Weaving and Tom Budge as Hamm and Clov

Budge and Weaving with director Andrew Upton

Weaving with Sara Peirse as Nell and Bruce Spence as Nagg

To add to the sudden riches, Hugo Weaving gave an interview to ABC Radio National Breakfast‘s Fran Kelly yesterday, which they kindly taped and posted to YouTube. Hugo discusses his recent foray into Samuel Beckett’s oeuvre, and suggests he might take a break from theatre after reprising Waiting For Godot (at London’s Barbican this June) to focus on Australian independent film.  No specific films are mentioned, but he does reaffirm that his primary loyalty remains with Australian productions, and seems bemused and a bit mystified that some people might know him from only a handful of big-budget roles. 😉 Hugo has been connected to directors Glendyn Ivin and Anand Gandhi’s next film projects (One Foot Wrong and Bird Eclipse, respectively) by the directors themselves, but they aren’t specifically mentioned here, alas. 😉

RN Breakfast, via YouTube

As a fan I’m torn by the idea Hugo might take a break from theatre: I have a much greater likelihood of seeing ANY film he makes, and STC seems reluctant to bring productions to the US that don’t feature Cate Blanchett, though I’d love for that to change. (Blanchett is also changing focus to her film career for the near term). But the theatrical roles Hugo has been tackling in recent years usually have much greater resonance and dimensionality than a lot of his film roles. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED Tom Croft, but he’s no Macbeth. That said. as long as Hugo remains focused on independent film AND theatre, he can really do no wrong in my eyes. Just stay away from the megabudget superhero franchises. 😉

Couldn’t help making a few screencaps of the RN Breakfast interview, as Hugo’s microexpressions remain hard to resist.

The RN Breakfast video interview also includes footage from STC’s Waiting For Godot trailer.

Sydney Theatre Co, via YouTube

STC has also bought adspace in print publications for Endgame. This ad from the Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum (March 10) features another of James Green’s great promo images from last September:

Tickets for Endgame are still available and can be puchased directly from STC’s website; even fans who can’t make it to Sydney (or London) should keep an eye on the site, because they always share a wealth of great supplemental material to go along with each production.

In Other Hugo Weaving News

As The Dressmaker inches toward completion in post-production, entertainment sites continuing expressing optimism that it could be the comeback Jocelyn Moorhouse has long deserved. (One article also suggests Kate Winslet needs a “comeback”– I disagree. She’s never stopped delivering. And I get tired of the entertainment press treating female actors like has-beens the moment they hit 35.  Anyhow, you can read the latest articles in The Film Experience and Pajiba.

The Turning will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray in the UK on April 6, with bonus features comparable to those o the Australian edition. There’s a nice review at IndieMacUser. Alas, still no inkling of when or if the film might be released in North America.

And The Australian National Portrait Gallery’s interview with Nicholas Harding about his portrait Hugo at Home (a finalist for the 2011 Archibald Prizes) was cross-posted to YouTube a couple of days ago (It’s been available at the National Portrait Gallery website for awhile). Here it is again in case anyone missed it.

National Portrait Gallery, via YouTube

Finally, fans of Hugo’s short films might remember Andrew Kotatko’s “Everythng Goes” (2004), a lovely adaptation of the Raymond Carver short story “Why Don’t You Dance”, starring Hugo Weaving and Abbie Cornish. It’s the only short film of Hugo’s I’ve been lucky enough to see in a cinema, as part of the Manhattan International Short Film Festival back in 2005, and remains probably his finest work in a short film… probably in the top twenty of his performances in any medium. 😉 Anyhow, if you’ve only seen lo-res, often “unofficial” internet videos of the film, you might want an officially sanctioned HD upgrade, and as a bonus you can help Kotatko produce and distribute his next Carver adaptation Whoever Was Using This Bed, starring Radha Mitchell and Jane Birkin. Donors of $50 or more will receive their own HD copy of both projects and promo artwork for the new film.  You can watch footage of the new project and read more details at Kotatko’s Kickstarter page, or read more at Inside Film.

Sullivan Stapleton, Abbie Cornish and Hugo Weaving in Everything Goes, from a brochure distributed by the Manhattan Short Film Festival, 2005

Updates should come more frequently now that Endgame is close to opening, so watch this space. 😉


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