Hugonuts WordPress is a duplication/crossposting of the long-running LiveJournal Hugo Weaving community/blog Hugonuts, which I’ve written since 2005. The WordPress outlet is an attempt to free the blog from LJ’s chronic instability and hacking incursions. Otherwise it’ll be the same blog it’s always been.

If you’re new to Hugonuts,  it’s a Hugo Weaving “current events” newsletter, which I update as events warrant, or as classic material becomes available. I have no official connection to Hugo Weaving (nor does any other blog or online fansite) but have been active in the fandom for twelve years. In addition to reporting breaking news on Hugo Weaving’s public career, I also try to balance the somewhat skewed public perception that Weaving is a genre villain specialist in big-budget fare;  in  fact, he prefers portraying complex human characters in independent Australian films and considers the “trilogy” roles an occasional career detour. So this blog in some ways redresses the balance by emphasizing these underseen, less-publicized projects. Of course I’ll still post Hobbit updates, but I won’t give he big-budget films (which are abundantly covered elsewhere) the preferential treatment they receive in most online media.

I also have strong opinions and am not afraid to share them, though I always clearly demarcate reporting from such opinions.

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