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Hugo Weaving Attends The Dressmaker’s Australian Premiere in Melbourne

Hugo Weaving walks the red carpet at The Dressmaker’s Melbourne premiere last night. Photo: Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images

After a few months of minimal Hugo Weaving news, we’re suddenly awash in new pics (and some video and interviews) again as The Dressmaker opened in Melbourne last night. I’m going to start posting images without further ado because there are sure to be more at the film’s Sydney premiere in two days.  Liam Hemsworth has grabbed the lion’s share of media attention in the Australian coverage (and his “family reunion” with brother Chris at the premiere yielded more headlines than the movie itself) but Hugo was probably happy to support the film without being the center of attention. Kate Winslet was absent, as she was promoting that other move of hers in London. 😉

Though Hugo hasn’t yet given an in-depth interview about The Dressmaker, he’s seen in three news videos about the premiere, two of which feature his comments, and he’s been quoted in text coverage as well. I’ll start with the videos then move to his excerpts from print interviews… then that new tidal wave of photos. ; There will also be more Melbourne premiere pics in days to come, but those need a bit of fixing up before they can be shared.

Screen Australia lavishly covered the premiere, and gave Hugo the most screentime of the red-carpet videos.

via Screen Australia/The Screen Blog

Hugo Weaving also comments in The West Australian’s video coverage

…And he’s seen but not heard from in Yahoo7‘s red carpet footage

(Note: Second two videos embedded directly in the LJ version of this post.)

Hugo is quoted briefly in The Screen Blog, The Age and The Daily Mail:

“[The Dressmaker is]  a radically different piece of cinema…In the way that something like Inglourious Basterds is a hybird of styles and works, I think this is a similar sort of hybrid style. It’s a western… it’s Sergio Leone, it’s got a dark underbelly to it, it’s a serious revenge film, but it’s quite exuberant, very stylish (and) visually bold. [I chose to take the role primarily because director] Joss was responsible for the first film I really wanted to do. I was like four years out of drama school and I’d read a lot of rubbish really and Proof was a great script. It was Joss’ first film and she really gave me the opportunity to do something I was really proud of.” — The Screen Blog

“It’s fabulously bold. A very Australian-style Western with a dark, revenge tone to it. It’s an unusual hybrid film that will please a lot of people. It’s pretty cool.” [For some reason, they also asked him about Cate Blanchett’s moving plans:] “‘They’ve had many different plans. Every five minutes a different plan – to go to England, Scotland, the States, New Zealand, Vanuatu (they’ve got a place in Vanuatu)…But I don’t actually know what they’re settling on at this stage.”– The Age

“It’s a stylistically complex piece, so we were required at one point to be quite naturalistic and the next point be quite exuberant…There’s quite a few grotesque characters. They still need to in some way be human. The biggest challenge for all of us was to feel like we were all in the same film.”– The Daily Mail.

Melbourne Premiere Photos:

Note: High-res versions of several photos are also available, and I’ll include links to those next to the more-manageable blog versions. WordPress readers should right click and open images in a new tab for full-sized versions of photos in the blog.

Hugo, Sarah Snook and Liam Hemsworth. Photo: Zak Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images (plus next six)

Hugo, Sarah Snook. Liam Hemsworth, producer Sue Maslin and director Jocelyn Moorhouse

…plus author Rosalie Ham to the far right

(High res version here)

(High res version here)

Hugo Weaving, Sarah Snook and Liam Hemsworth. This and next three photos: Universal Pictures Australia via Twitter

“The stars are arriving for the #TheDressmakerPremiere in Melbourne! Here is the lovely Hemsworth family and Hugo Weaving…” Sydney Film Blogger/Instagram

“”Sometimes cool people drop by my work movie_cameradizzy” Kathleen Ashby/Instagram

“And #hugoweaving #crown #melbourne #australia” Jared Hunter Mason/Instagram

“”The man is brilliance #thedressmaker #hugoweaving” Donna Demaio via Twitter/Instagram

This plus next two photos: Mirre Jennings via Hush Hush Biz (their coverage here)

“So much all the hangover after the @DressmakerMovie premiere. I regret nothing. See the film. SUPPORT OUR INDUSTRY! ” Eleanor Howlett via Twitter

“Meeting the cast and director #australianpremiere #thedressmaker #australianpremierethedressmaker” Sue Murphy/Twitter

“#TheDressmaker stars Hugo Weaving, Sarah Snook and @LiamHemsworth sparkling on the red carpet. #tvweekmag” TV Week via Twitter

“”Agent Smith ..wherever I see him I think ‘hello Mr Anderson’. #thematrix #hugoweaving #thedressmakerpremiere” Sham1000 via Instagram

“#TheDressmaker stars strike a pose at the Oz #premiere with director Jocelyn Moorhouse & producer Sue Maslin” Screen Australia via Twitter

“@LiamHemsworth #HugoWeaving #SarahSnook having a good time on the #DressmakerPremiere Red Carpet @y7entertainment ” Sarah Marie Duffy via Twitter

“Such laughs #friends #family #laughs #liamhemsworth #hugoweaving #dressmaker” Montiga/Instagram

“Stella Cast Director and Producers acknowledge the importance of @FilmVictoria in backing #thedressmaker #springst” Martin Foley via Twitter

“Live from the red carpet, attended by Hugo Weaving, Liam Hemsworth and Sarah Snook, for the Melbourne premiere of The Dressmaker.” L’Ofiicial Australia Facebook (plus next photo)

“All the stars at #TheDressmaker Premiere. Hugo Weaving, Sarah Snook and @LiamHemsworth. #SoSydney #KIIS1065” KIIS 1065 via Twitter

Photo (plus next one) David Fanner/Screen Australia

“#photographing the #redcarpet #mediawall #redcarpetarrivals for #thedressmaker #filmpremiere in Melbourne” Brett Robson/Twitter

“My #photograph of #hugoweaving from … #Melbourne #filmpremiere of #thedressmaker ” Brett Robson/Twitter/Instagram

Photo: plus next 8): Brett Robson/Splash News

Hugo giving red carpet interviews  Photo: (plus next 12) Splash News

“What…. MORE!?” 😉

“That’s it! I’m outta here!” 😉

Photo: The Age

As I mentioned, there are still more photos that will be shared as soon as I can prep them, and I’ll be back soon with coverage of The Dressmaker’s Sydney premiere.

Also: A brief item in The Sydney Morning Herald covered Hugo’s casting in Jasper Jones. Oddly, Hugo hasn’t discussed the project yet in these interviews, though a castmate mentioned it.