2013 Hugo Weaving/James Nesbitt Calendar

About a week ago I was having fun with some calendar templates and wondered if there were indeed enough pics of Hugo Weaving and James Nesbitt goofing off on the Hobbit Wellington Premiere red carpet (November 28) to fill an entire 12 months. Indeed there were! πŸ˜‰ I printed the whole thing out wholly for my own use/amusement, thinking I'd have a better idea when it came to creating my annual Hugo Weaving Calendar for Hugonuts… but I didn't. So here's that silly one. Yes, I know the pics aren't large enough some months, but I did want a lot of variety in the templates as well as the photos. (Also, I actually use the one I print out as a calendar, so I need space to write on the dates.) If you want something more conventional/sensible, Elisa over at Random Scribblings always puts together a very nice annual Hugo calendar. Or you can print out both. Or make your own! πŸ˜‰

I look forward to sharing the latest Hugo Weaving news, pics and other craziness throughout 2013… meanwhile  I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season. Back when there's fresh news to cover… πŸ˜‰ I also hope to find time to update the Flickr Archive, which has been sorely neglected in recent months as coverage of Hugo's busy fall/winter premiere season took up most of the free time available for fan activities. But I do hope to get some print article scans from recent months up soon, and to continue the prolonged uploading of digital article snapshots as well.  


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